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About CA

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Heya! I’m Christy Angeli, a.k.a. CA. The thing that everyone needs to know about me, is that I get bored quite easily. I am curious as a cat, and would try new things when the opportunity presents itself. The downside though, is that I can lose interest in something quickly, too. So, as I have reflected on my life and my choices, you can say that I kept starting something without finishing them up. Taking a step is not a problem for me, it’s the decision and commitment to take the other necessary steps that becomes an issue. Being self-aware is a very good place to start from, in fixing the dysfunctional areas of one’s life. And I’m in a very good place right now.

And so here I am, finally chasing after my dreams.

Doing the things that I have long wanted to do, but never got to pursuing. For reasons that I may have given my attention to other things, got too lazy to move, or did not really see the point and value of my aspirations. They felt like too much work, that I was not yet willing to put up with then.

I love meeting new people because I learn from each and every one of them. Different people have varying interests and points-of-view. And I feel like I grow with every new information and wisdom that I receive. At the same time, I also enjoy my time alone. And in these particular moments, I’ve decided to spend my time with productivity in mind. Time is a gift that I should never ever squander.

Please join me in my blogging journey. And as they say, it’s always better late than never.

Enjoy getting a piece of my mind and a chunk of my heart.

Hope to keep CA-ing you here.


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