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Vaccination To Rebuild A Nation

Vaccination To Rebuild A Nation

My mother is a CoViD Survivor

And even with her experience last year in July of 2020, I was still very hesitant to take the vaccine shots when they became available in the Philippines. For one thing, I know that all of them are still on their clinical trial stage. Secondly, I believed that I was too healthy to take the shots. There are people classified as a priority than I was anyway. I was pretty sure that I would be one of those that will come last for the vaccination.

The vaccination rollout in the Philippines started last March of 2021, starting with the medical front-liners of course. And then came those that are high-risk as well. I had no plans whatsoever to register, telling myself that I will be fine since I am just at home almost all of the time. And I was thinking that if most people will get vaccinated, then I may not need to take the shot anymore. It was so selfish of me to be thinking that way.

A good friend of mine, since my younger years, Jara Angeli Bautista-Natividad has asked me to register since April. She is one of the volunteers for this drive. She asked me to do so twice, but I have failed to fill-up the forms on both occasions. I guess, the motivation just wasn’t there then.

But then came June and I was already starting to wonder how long do I have to wait.

And I didn’t even know what exactly it was that I was waiting for. My coworkers are all for the vaccine, since most people already want to somehow get back to normalcy. And so I started registering along with my sister, and filled up the one on the website of our Local Government Unit as well. July came and Jara asked me again to register via their company. Toyota is so generous in becoming part of this private organization, serving the public with a very well-organized vaccination drive. And so, register I did.

A very smooth and well-organized vaccination drive! Two thumbs up for Project Balik Buhay!

Project Balik Buhay

Project Balik Buhay is an initiative of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, LGUs, DOH 7, and private sector aims in gradually re-opening the community through a calibrated, scientific, and evidence-based transition from ECQ to GCQ. (Source: Project Balik Buhay FB Page)

Project Balik Buhay means to get our lives back. The one that we had before CoViD happened. It may be a long shot, but it is a selfless step. I am very grateful that Jara never gave up on me. No matter how stubborn and anti-vaxx I used to be.

Here is the Patient Vaccination Flow of the Project Balik Buhay Vaccination Initiative.

All company and organization applications received are subject to the approval of DOH and the respective LGUs before scheduling for vaccination. The Project Balik Buhay Vaccination Centers will only accommodate pre-registered and pre-scheduled vaccinees. Registration numbers are unique per individual based on submitted masterlists and are non-transferrable. Strictly no walk-ins allowed. As vaccine supply is received and allocated through the Visayas Vaccine Operations Center (VVOC), Project Balik Buhay aims to schedule all first doses by August 31, 2021; and following recommended vaccine dose intervals, complete all 2nd dose schedules by September 30, 2021.

The Project Balik Buhay Vaccination Centers are managed and operated by Private Sector groups and volunteers, with all costs incurred being shouldered by Private Donors and Benefactors, at no cost to the Government nor to the vaccinees. Project Balik Buhay has always been intended to help in the vaccination of Companies and Organizations including Micro Establishments and other Community Associations. As such, all coordination should be coursed through the Company HR or the Official Representative of these registered Companies/Organizations.

(Source: Project Balik Buhay FB Page)

There is always hope.

Went home and was observing myself for a few days. The injection site was a bit painful for the next two days. This is why they will ask you if you are right or left handed so that they can do the shot on your less frequently used arm. Which makes a lot of sense. One thing is for sure, Pfizer is like an appetizer. I suddenly had so many cravings. But maybe, that’s just me.

2nd and Final Jab!

And so, I went back on my scheduled 2nd-dose. The pain on the injection site only lasted for a day this time. I am still observing myself of course. But I am very glad that I am finally done. Will just wait for the announcement of booster shots if needed.

Had my vaccination card laminated.

I went to Ayala Center Cebu to have my vaccination card laminated for whatever purpose it may serve moving forward. And with this I pray that we can all move forward to better tomorrows from here on out. Let’s go to our nearest site of vaccination to somehow help rebuild our nation. Praying for herd immunity soon, in spite of all the virus mutations. Let’s never cease praying, while doing our part of the solutions.

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