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To Truly Grow Is To Completely Heal

To Truly Grow Is To Completely Heal

Today, I’d like to talk about the importance of healing and the process of therapy.

Life goes on, no matter where we are in life but we sometimes need to take pauses. We have to take a pit stop, to examine whatever is broken or needs fixing within us or in our lives before we head back to life’s crazy race.

It’s amazing how my life choices of always moving forward has led me to what feels like a dead end. Somehow, I have decided to take a forced pause. The pandemic has helped. It was during this pause that I’ve realized the need to take a step back to heal every wound that I have been carrying around with me, wherever I go.

I’ve always had time for myself but I have not spent it the way that I am doing so right now.

My only wish is that, I could have done this in an island by the beach. It would have been more therapeutic and dramatic. But, I’m stuck at home. The sea can wait. I will be taking that surf trip that I’ve been needing once I feel that it would already be safe to do so. For now, I can just have the waters in my mind. At least, it is something to look forward, too.

I’m taking a good long reflection. I haven’t been in a retreat for a long while. This may sound crazy, but I am doing therapy on my own. Not really, I am doing it with God. I am not yet perfectly guided, I still have some struggles while doing this but I am guided somehow. God speaks to me in so many ways, through my thoughts, my daily devotionals, a book, a person, and even via a YouTube video. And when a message is from God, you will know. Most especially those that are heart-wrenching and thought-provoking. Only God can touch you in ways like no other can.

However, it can get confusing and sometimes frustrating.

For some reason, the answers have been quite mixed. And whenever you hold on to faith, it can be tough because it will be tested. Mixed signals create mixed emotions. Or it could also be the enemy that is trying to attack my thoughts and feelings since I am trying to do better. Whatever the purpose of this rough journey is, only God knows what. Hoping that I’ll come out of it with the true mission accomplished.

I am questioning my life’s purpose every day, and I want to live it. I feel like I am running out of time. I’ve kept asking myself if I have been chasing the right things in life, but I know that deep in my heart that I did not. I am asking the Lord to speak to my heart and mind so clearly as to what it is that I should be doing and where he’d like to place me in this world. He has given me a few hints here and there, but not the entire picture yet. It is so difficult to move on when you feel lost, but I am trusting His process and timing. Right now, God is teaching me to be patient and to just fully put my trust in Him. And no, none of these are easy for me. Let’s get that out in the open.

The process of healing is liberating but not without the absence of pain or struggles.

One must feel, to heal. My soul is now breaking each and every chain that has been holding me back, from living a life full of meaning. To truly grow is to completely heal. Life is not just about earning a living, looking good, chasing pleasures, nor inspiring others. It’s more of becoming authentically intentional. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and we can’t make false pretenses of charity. You must sincerely shine from within before you can even honestly shed light on others.

Your true purpose should not be just an image to impress others, it must be the true form of your heart and soul to impress the Lord. Then and only then, will life be worth living.

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