There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us

There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us

Keep Marching On

How’s your heart today?

Have you checked on it lately? January 2020 has already been very challenging, not just on a personal level but on a global scale. And then we all moved on to February, the love month. But even that, brought tragedies and the start of a global crisis as well. So, here we are now! March 2020 is the mark of a pandemic that will keep us stuck in our homes. Everything that we used to know as life, stopped being so. Everything that we used to complain about has become senseless.

How much has life thrown at you so far?

I’ve went through so much, not knowing that it will make me emotionally and mentally equipped for the situation that we are currently facing. I’ve always learned that we can all make our plans, but life will happen. And life may or may not be different from the ideas that we have formed in our minds. But do remember that it’s always a 50-50. All we can ever do is make the best out of all the opportunities and risks that we come across. This is where our choices matter. However, in the end, we may or still may not be ready for what’s to come.

Why am I not scared today?

All of my fears and worries have somehow left me. I broke my heart again, and I own up to the decision that has led to that. My father went on a critical medical condition, not just once but twice. I’ve lost an aunt, uncle, and nephew in a fire at one go. And then, CoViD-19 happened. Life is not as shallow as I used to view it. I’ve come to the realization that my life is not about me, but about Our Creator. His will be done at all times. Accept His blessings yet be willing to let go of what He takes back or away from you. We all have borrowed time here on Earth, make every second count. From here on out, manage your time wisely.

Getting through this together yet apart.

Here is a list of what I have learned recently:

1. Be prepared for anything.

And I mean anything. Life is a mix of both the good and the bad, victories and defeats, as well as happiness and sadness. Ready your heart.

2. Learn and plan for contingencies.

The best teacher is experience. The best corrector are mistakes. Yes, your heart can mend and repair.

3. Fear and panic will only make you anxious.

Anxiety will make you overthink. It will only give you worries up to no end. A calmer heart can help you think properly at any given situation.

4. Regular Self-Check

Ask yourself if you have been making the right decisions in your life. Weigh and assess the results of all the choices that you have made. Keep your heart in check at all times.

5. We don’t call them values for nothing.

Our values dictate our priorities, principles, intentions, and character. These are the very things that we need to develop more on, and everything else will just follow. The core of your life is your heart. What is inside of it?

6. Choose what you feed yourself with.

Nourishment is our intake. We digest what we allow to enter our mental and emotional faculties. Feed yourself with truth, internalize the word from The Bible. Fact-checking on social media is necessary before you even click on share to your feeds. If we put garbage in, the same will come out. Be careful what you feed yourself with because you end up feeding the same to the rest of the world. Make sure that you have a healthy heart, by eating up only on clean thoughts.

7. Be positive yet negative of CoVid-19.

Because only a positive heart will learn how to fight. Only a positive heart will have the motivation to move forward. Only a positive heart will discipline you to #StayHome so that we may all be able to overcome this crisis sooner than later. Yes, keep your heart hopeful and your mind educated. Be a part of the solution in whatever way that you can contribute to the world. Just don’t harbor negative feelings and thoughts for too long. We can get through this.

Here I am, making an illustration of my current heart situation. I am not an illustrator and that’s the best that I can manage with my pen and my planner page. See what CoViD-19 can do? So, how about you? How’s your heart today?

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28 thoughts on “There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us

  1. I am looking for the January drawing. Where is it? haha. I told myself to use this time and this platform to share joy and positivity to other people. Every time I am down, I have to remind myself that the blood running through my veins is B+. 😉 So, be positive first on our own self. Then, make ourselves channel of joy and positivity.

  2. Great reminders! I think it’s so important to recognize that by inviting the fear and negativity that is flooding social media right now into our lives, we’re only making the situation harder. Instead, we need to take care of our selves mentally and emotionally, distancing ourselves from the negativity and finding the reasons that still exist to smile in our lives.

  3. This is an article full of great advice. We’re all going through it right now and it’s important to remember to stay as positive as possible!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am just trying to go day by day and not get too overwhelmed with everything. I think the unknown is what is so tricky to deal with.

  5. I think life throws us curve balls/hardtimes so that we can appreciate and remember what we do have and value our good times all the more.
    I like your list of lessons you’ve learned, that’s what life is all about ‘learning lessons’
    great post!

  6. In this critical and COVIS-19 Pandemic situation your post is creating positive energy. Really a very good and inspiring advise!

  7. Thanks for sharing this advice that is still very helpful today. I am trying to remain positive with what is to come but as the days turn to weeks, then months it is getting harder. Although we can’t change the situation so we might as well try to get through it the best we can.

    1. Yes, I was in a really bad place the weeks prior. And so I just decided to let go of control for things that are out of my hands. And surprisingly, I got what I wanted when I let it go. Amazing.

  8. Pessimism has been the key to this pandemic to frighten and immobilize us while we should instead have a positive attitude and the determination and will to regain our lives.

  9. This is great! Like so many, I’m struggling with stay at home and worrying about family members and not seeing the people who keep me grounded. It’s so important to self-check and make sure the self-care is on point.

  10. You advice is very much useful for everyone, most important thing is “be positive yet negative of CoVid-19” also be positive id the COVID-19 is positive, and follow the guidelines and help the medical staff especially the female and male nurses. This is not my field but today I listen new that, a doctor was requesting to recovered patients for donating their plasma for treatment of other patients…. So the recovered from COVID-19 should help other peoples of the country and world…

  11. Choose what you feed yourself with was so important for me to think about. I’ve been consuming too much media lately and when I take a step back, I just feel better.

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