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The Universe Conspires Around The Law Of Attraction

The Universe Conspires Around The Law Of Attraction

Sometimes, we forget who we are. We take what we can do very well for granted. And then one day, like a slap on the face you remember everything. We are all good at something. And if we are not yet, we can always aspire to do better day by day. We all have strengths and weaknesses. And to help you not forget, maybe you have to list them down. Do it in two columns, so you can easily compare both lists side by side. Then decide which you can advance on, and which ones you can improve on. Keep in mind that the Universe Conspires around The Law Of Attraction, so manage your list according to what it is that you need to come into your life.

List of Strengths And Weaknesses

Most of the time, it is other people who can point out the talents and skills that we already have, which we have become either immune to or blind to. I am very happy that there are people who are generous enough with their compliments. And we have to learn to accept them with grace. A simple “thank you” will suffice. I am very grateful for the existence of those who push you and encourage you to live up to your full potential. Human as we are, we do need a support system. And if it’s scarce, we also have to learn to lift ourselves up. So make that list and get motivated.

I always end up listening to the Universe’ gentle nudges and, if that’s not enough, its strong shoves. I can get lazy. And I can get melancholic. But when I’m in high spirits, the world spins and dances right in front of me. And then, so would I.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my negative thoughts. I still do feel angry and frustrated. But as much as I can, I do my very best to manage them well this time. I believe that I am now in better control of my emotions and my mind. I will never get here, without the help of my friends who have shown me compassion during the times that I was a mess or was in one. And the most important part is that they reminded me of my best parts. I am still a work-in-progress and that will always be better than staying stuck and being a stuck-up.

The funny thing is, all this while, the Sun was just waiting for me to greet it warmly. I wake up every day now, smiling at it, and it has smiled back at me ever since. Realizing that I was the only one who was blocking my rays of Sunshine, I pray that I’ll never ever do that again. I would never want to go back to the shadows or worse, that very dark pit.

Wake Up With A Smile Every Day That You Are Still Alive

I believe that the Universe will reward you every time you do something good and most especially when you decide to be good to yourself and to others. When you start playing on your strengths and building up on your weaknesses, amazing things will suddenly appear like magic. Opportunities have been pouring in. And I have been overwhelmed at the blessings that I’ve been showered with lately. I may have gotten scared and may have hesitated at first, but then the realization of embracing the gifts of chances dawned upon me. And so, I have learned to accept good tidings with good graces. Gifts will only come when you are ready to accept them.

I have not written anything for awhile, I know. It’s because I was following the rules that I have made for myself on my previous post called “I CAn Rule The World In 2020”, you can click on it to check it out if you’ve missed the article. I have been slowly working on applying each of the 20 rules in my day to day. And I have the whole year to complete them. I just made the decision to place my focus and attention on them so I can seriously put them into practice. And writing that list is changing my life, in spite of the presence and effects of CoViD19. I want to give everyone the same hope and joy that is building up inside of me, no matter how bleak things may look at this time.

Look Forward And Beyond Today

I have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to lately. A lot of possibilities have been opening up for me and I have already taken the first few steps toward them. I am about to embark on very exciting journeys. And I wish the same for you. Let the Universe conspire, and allow it to attract rewards your way. For now, prepare yourself to becoming a grateful receiver. Are you ready to embrace the best days of your life? Just let the Universe know, I highly doubt that it will say no.

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