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The Giving Journal ~ CBTL

The Giving Journal ~ CBTL

I dream of flying to Europe mostly for the purpose of getting a taste of an authentic Italian and Spanish coffee. I’m dying to try a real Turkish coffee, as well! Well anyway, seems like they will still stay in my bucket list for a long while, for now.

The Giving Journal from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I used to go for Starbucks Planners and boy, did they make me fat. What with the number of drinks and the Christmas specials that you need to consume before you can get your hands on one. However, I took the shift one day and decided to go for the The Giving Journal from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For one thing, they only require a minimal quantity of drinks plus I like the intention behind every book. They go beyond just their business and profits, they have been making a difference in the lives of coffee and tea growers by building farmer’s communities for the sustainability of their livelihood.

Why I love it?

The entire journal will actually give you ideas on how to give or give back to the world. They have inspiring quotes as foot notes on some pages. They would also make you think on how you can use your resources, skills, and talents as a contribution to the society. I am guilty of writing ideas and aspirations yet not being able to accomplish most of them. But hey, I keep trying every year! Haha! Been getting the journal since 2016.

And the best part is that it comes with vouchers per month that you can avail of the whole year. I like the buy 1 take 1 stubs because they are the most unselfish ones. They will make you think of someone that you would want to share the experience with. Plus you get to have a very good conversation over a cup, I mean 2 cups of coffee. I also got their reusable cup since I am also “trying” to cut down on paper or plastic waste.

Check out my photos for the different designs that I got for 4 years now (Ooopppss! I only have photos of their 2018 and 2019 Journals), and some samples of the freebies and advantages that I was able to enjoy. Funny story, I even brought my whole family in the Ayala branch of CBTL on my 35th birthday just so I can get as much stamps as I can for it.

The Giving Journal 2020

I will forever love coffee and I still plan to get The Giving Journal 2020. But what would truly give value and make my next birthday special would be to learn to give more. Again. It’s been a challenge for me. You see, I’ve already stayed on Earth for almost 4 decades now. I have been very giving on the earlier decades and somehow learned to become selfish for this past decade. Some bad experiences have made me realize that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I had to learn to protect myself from the showers and storms of life. But then again, I am not sure how many more decades there are left to my name. So, I hope that the next Giving Journal would remind me to offer my life as a gift and a blessing to whatever comes my way every day.

Update: Finally! Here’s a photo of my 2016 and 2017 Giving Journals! They already look old and worn out, but still very much alive! They just keep giving.

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf
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