The Different Dimensions of Art at Qube Gallery

Qube Gallery

I am not an artsy person.

I always tell myself that. Usually, when we speak of art, paintings come to mind. Or is it just me? And paintings don’t really catch my attention. I am just not fond of them, let’s get that out there as early as now. But art has many forms, I keep forgetting that. Taking good pictures is art. Writing is an art! What I’m trying to say is that I am no expert at this topic. But I can write about my own experience and interpretations. So, I’ve decided to take Pia Mercado’s Invite to witness the 1st of their Salon Series at Qube Gallery. It is situated at Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City. Should you wish to check it out.

Salon Series

The show was curated by Stephanie Misa. It started with a reading from poet and essayist, Lawrence Ypil. He featured his book called “The Expirement of The Tropics”. It was available and up for sale that night, too.

It’s an art gallery, and so it has a lot of art forms on display.

It was the very first time that I saw someone writing a poem out of photos that he sees. And they are not just any photos, but those taken of the olden times in Cebu. There was a photo of the old Colon Street, the port, and Fuente Osmeña Circle.

Photos of the people of old and how they used to really dress up, not just for occasions but simply for going out. We also used to have railway stations, and whatever made it disappear is a wonder to other Nationalities even. Maybe, I can find some article or book that can explain the history of the train stations in Cebu. Makes me want to do a research on the question.

Mr. Ypil

Mr. Ypil was able to write beautiful words of poetry out of each photo.

If you’re curious, you can look for his book and check it out for yourself. I am so tempted to do the same for the photos that I’ll be uploading on my social media account. But I’m not there yet. I used to write poems when I was younger and even a few songs. But I’m no poet.

The next part of the show was a performance-lecture by Eisa Jocson.

It was called Corponomy Digest. Taken from the words Corpus (anatomy) and Economy. Why? It was a show of how different performers have used their bodies and the art of movement to bring in income and to sustain their lifestyles.

Corponomy Digest
Corponomy Digest
Eisa Jocson

This performance was divided into four parts.

First up was the Pole Dancer. I would have wanted to see her perform on a real pole, although what I saw was a video of what she could do. Her exhibitions were breathtaking.

Pole Dancer
Pole Dancer
Pole Dancer

Followed by the Macho Dancer. Yes, she’s a female. But this was to defy gender specifics and a showcase of her ability to be rigid aside from flexibility. It captures the strength and the male side of women.

Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer

Next up was the host. This shows her performance as a Japanese Hostess showing her skills with the fan. As well as other female dances and performances.

Japanese Hostess
Japanese Hostess

And the final part depicts the talents of our Filipino workers in Disneyland as Princesses. This performance came with theatrics and dialogues. A monologue for her, but she involved the audience by interacting with them. Asking questions which created impromptu dialogues. She is so witty.

Disneyland Princesses

Her performance ended with the line, “You don’t know what I’ve been through”. Which was repeated over and over for emphasis. True enough we have no idea what our OFW Performers go through. And also applies to everyone we know, unless we get a glimpse of their lives.

The last three photos were taken by Cha Esper. She came to this show with me. And I’m pretty sure that she has her own interpretation of everything. One thing is for sure, going to galleries may not be my thing, but I did sure enjoy the experience. It was definitely something else. Well, except for the fact that I had some personal issues that night. But let’s set that one aside.

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Qube Gallery

How about you? Are you into art? Which dimension would you like to share at the comments section below?

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Salon Series
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38 thoughts on “The Different Dimensions of Art at Qube Gallery

  1. I love the different elements people express art with. Paint, objects, bodies, it is all amazing to me. You had an amazing day, thank you for sharing.

  2. Art is everywhere. You can learn to appreciate what is around you. Even if it’s not your thing, it’s still neat to admire

  3. I wasnt really expecting the dance – it was all new to me. Her body transformation exposing genders and the labor process of our OFW were all amazingly executed without words. On the poetry side, I aspire to have the same level of depth in writing. <3

  4. I’m not fond of art though but I love seeing paintings and artworks of other people. They’re just amazing and imagine those hardwork they put into it. Artists are really legends.

  5. This is great thanks for sharing. I love and appreciate the beauty of art and this place looks 👍🏻

  6. Really cool place! It was fun to take a virtual visit of this gallery since we can’t go in person for the time being. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Looks like an awesome exhibit! I do get more into the performing arts and would love to see the dancing. I like art, I just don’t understand it on the level to appreciate it enough. If someone can explain it to me then I appreciate it more 🙂

  8. Art is the wonderful way of sharing thoughts, indea, expressions, and issues of society. Art is the strongest than verbal communication, I love art, and this looks like an awesome exhibition….

  9. Seems like an amazing exhibit! I like how they practiced art in so many different forms – its important for people to experience and feel art in all sorts of ways

  10. It’s beautiful how various art can be. Just the perception and thinking of each piece/exhibit is a form of art in itself.

  11. Art can be categorized as anything. Music, painting, sculpting, dance. There are so many elements of art. This is a great share.

  12. I was going to comment about how much I love jellyfish. But then the post changed to the art of the form and movement of the body. I guess for me the takeaway is that we can’t improve on the handiwork of God.

  13. I love all forms of art and this is an awesome way to expresses feelings and emotions through movement in a more interactive environment. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like art and visiting galleries are also a good idea. I do this to widen my horizon, and its a good way to meet creative and interesting people.

  15. There are different ways to express art and it’s not just on a piece of paper or a canvas. Art is alive everywhere you go!

  16. Super cool art gallery. So many forms of art expressions…. I love when you say taking pictures is an art, writing is an art… I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing…

  17. I love art. Its so fascinating, and can be created from so many things. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  18. It’s such a beautiful gallery there. I love the look of the pictures. They share such amazing stories all in shot one. Love them. Wish I could go visit here.

  19. I love art. The movement, grace and composition of the art photos brings richness and authenticity. Love it🤗

  20. There are lots of things we are still discovering when we see artworks like these, and I’m glad it looks like you had another learning but enjoyable journey!

  21. I use to visit Qube Gallery a lot before during their exhibits and I agree with you that they have interesting exhibits. Looking forward to visit them again.

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