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The Best Islands To Hop Around On From Mactan, Cebu

The Best Islands To Hop Around On From Mactan, Cebu

I cannot swim, but I’ve always loved water adventures. It’s more fun under The Sun when you’re with Shiny, Happy People. And Mactan Island, in Cebu, will always be our favorite starting point. We are surrounded by gorgeous islands just waiting to be explored.

Hopping islands is also a good way to celebrate a friend’s birthday!

Conversations are more chill. Because everybody’s more relaxed.

Photos look amazing! Because the sea, the sky, and the clouds make each shot look glorious!

Card games are more enjoyable! And, I don’t know why but, food tastes better over the sea.

And of course, the booze! Which is a boost to our immune systems. I mean, our entertainment systems.

To name a few of the best islands to hop around on we have:

  1. Olango Island (where the bird sanctuary is)
  2. Pandanon Island (which is already a part of Bohol)
  3. Gilutungan Island (also for scuba diving and snorkeling)
  4. Caohagan island (the Marine Sanctuary)
  5. Nalusuan island (with its pristine waters)

I won’t tell you much about each one, because they need to be experienced.

Maybe book a tour at Amazing Cebu Travel and Tours when it’s already possible.

But our favorite will always be the North Sand Bar, which is already a 2-hour trip away from the southern part of Mactan. It’s actually already closest to Bohol.

It’s a magical island because it appears, then disappears at a certain time of the day. As you know, there’s low tide and high tide.

And hey! Don’t forget to capture beautiful jump shots!

It’s really hard not to get excited about being on a boat full of beautiful and interesting people.

When Covid-19 is over, I shall go back to the beaches! Nothing beats the feeling of floating on water. And I definitely love the smell of the sea.

I already miss the old lively me.

Mactan, Cebu

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