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The Abundance of Career Opportunities in Makati City

The Abundance of Career Opportunities in Makati City

Flying out again.

Being in the skies and hovering above the clouds always brings a feeling of awe and excitement. I am going somewhere different. And I’ll be somewhere far. I’ll get to experience something new, something unusual, or something that I’ll miss and look forward to again.

We had a very early flight going to Manila. There are flights that I’d fall asleep in, but those are but rare moments. I prefer to stay awake and use it as a time to think. It is hard for me to fall asleep on something moving anyways. Unless, I’m super tired.

Makati City is not really new to me anymore.

I have had 4 jobs that has brought me here for trainings, meetings, and yes for company parties. Which makes me realize the abundance of career opportunities in this city. I have always worked in Cebu. I always prefer my own city as my work base, but most of my Manila Head Offices are here. There are some colleagues that you build quite a bond with. And these are the very people that I make time to see whenever I come for a visit.

Shake Shack

Whenever we travel, we always take the opportunity to try food places that are not in our hometowns. I’ve been meaning to try Shake Shack last June, but never got to it. Finally got to try it out after having some tantrums. Just kidding.

Bonifacio Global City is not supposed to be far from Makati City, but the traffic took us almost an hour to get there. Famished, we ordered their best sellers. I had the Shake Smoke Shack (Spicy) while my friend had the Shake Shack Burger. They were soft and easy to chew. Was surprised that they look small but actually already very filling. I was not able to finish my burger off at all. The Shake Fries were good and was very happy that they serve Shake Organic Iced Tea. Which is not sweet at all.

I love their inter-galactic look from the outside. We stayed outside for an environment conducive to conversations.

Paseo de Roxas Underpass

I loved the Paseo de Roxas Underpass! I had to pass through it on my way to Ayala Triangle Gardens. I’ve enjoyed looking at the murals and the street musician who was around then. It felt like I was not in the Philippines at all.

Above you can just cross from one side to the other. However, they have a specific time of opening and closing the access to the pedestrian lane. This was around 7PM and I was left with no choice but to go around it. Makati is an enjoyable city to walk around at night. As far as I know, the area is safe. I walked from my hotel, to Greenbelt, and then all the way to Paseo de Roxas. The traffic after office hours will just make you choose walking over taking a Grab Car or a taxi.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Music and Lights

Walked my heart out for the Ayala Triangle Gardens Music and Lights. We have something like this in Cebu but not as grand. The lights will be dancing to the beat of the music. It’s a bit crowded, so it is indeed one of the attractions in the area. After the dancing lights, the LED show was announced. You will see amazing patterns on the ceiling of the archway. It reminded me of Singapore for some reason. Only that these were not reflected on water this time.


The best part of the night was dinner. Had really good Spaghetti ai Tesori del Mare and the IL Supremo Pizza. Was kept company by Kent, a friend’s friend, who has said that what we had were close to what he has tried in Italy before. So this makes Amici one of the authentic Italian restaurants in Makati.

Meet Kent!

I am grateful for his hospitality of showing me around the area. He was kind enough to ask for my opinion on where we were going and the food places that I’d like to try out.

I cherish conversations that make so much sense. To be able to have a one-on-one with someone and to be able to talk about anything and everything under the Sun does not come every day. I admire people with depth and sensibilities. These are the types of people that I learn so much from, regardless of how short or long the time spent together is. The great food was just a bonus.


This was taken at Greenbelt. I fell in love with how the lights were draped around the hallway like stars in the sky, so the obligatory photo. This scene reminded me to always choose to shine wherever you may be. You must reflect what you’d like the world to be more of. As you can see, I have the most genuine smile and my happy eyes here.


After trying out some American and Italian dishes, we came across a Japanese town just across our hotel. Manmaru had really good Tendon (Tempura Rice Bowl) and Gyoza. The place has the feels of Japan, though I’ve never been. The place was quite an experience.

This is the real reason why I flew back to Manila.

It was the 30th Anniversary of CIM Technologies, Inc. and our Gold and Black Christmas Party 2019. I was one of 6 hosts, and I was assigned to do the #CIMTaughtMe segment. I used to like dressing up and getting dolled up, but these are things that I’m not really excited about anymore. Even the effort of taking a lot of photos of myself, has not even crossed my mind. Not until I saw the Christmas Tree at the entrance of the building on our way out, did I ask the guard to take a few snapshots just for me to remember the night.

Makati City

This trip has taught me to still look forward for what’s ahead regardless if I was initially excited or not. That seeing people again, who you rarely see, refreshes your senses. That there is always something new to try and discover whether it be planned or by chance. That there are pleasant surprises with every new person that you meet or hangout with.

This trip reminded me that I should never allow anything or anyone to dull my shine. And even if we have fears, doubts, and are anxious about something that would require our talents and skills, we should always say yes and go for it. Doing is the real test of our capabilities. And if we are not experts on a certain thing yet, remember that each and every experience is practice. So, what opportunities has come your way lately?

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