Sunday’s Best

Sunday’s Best

I left the house as early as I could wanting to catch the breakfast meals at Burger King – Cebu North Drive, but I came too late anyway. So, I’ve decided to stay at Bo’s Coffee instead. They have different types of Breakfast Platters and I chose bacon. I am forever a bacon lover. No denying that, and always requested for it crispy. And Bo’s did not disappoint at all. The Bacon Platter was heavenly. Check the photos that I took of it below.

Bacon Platter

I started with the butter. Whipped it over my toast. Had a bite, then a piece of the sliced green tomato. Bit again with the egg. And another bite with the bacon. Repeat. Yes, that’s how I eat. Does that weird you out? That’s pretty normal for me. I definitely enjoyed my brunch, and might just get it again next Sunday. You see, I don’t have a kitchen at home. And my weekends would mean food delivery should I get lazy, or eating out somewhere the whole day when I feel like getting a little sunshine and Vitamin D.

And of course! A CA brunch will never be complete, or any meal of the day for that matter, without a steaming hot cup of coffee! The best thing about Bo’s Coffee is that it’s a Philippine brand which, proudly, originated from Cebu City. They now have 91 outlets nationwide, give or take. I also love the fact that they support local coffee farmers and serve beans coming from Sagada, Benguet, Bukidnon, Davao, and Cotabato. Truly Filipino!

I stay somewhere at Cebu North Drive every Sunday Morning because I go to Christ’s Commission Fellowship Church. I stay nourished every week, just by visiting the house of God at least 2 hours once weekly. Also, I joined my first ever Discipleship Group, or commonly called “D Group”, and it was quite refreshing. To hear the stories of others, their struggles and triumphs in life, is such a blessing by itself.

Nourishment should not only be for our physical bodies.

It must also be for our emotional, mental, relational, and most importantly for our spiritual needs. For the very first time, I’ll leave this feed with a question for you to ponder on: Are you living a restless or rested life?

I bet you’d find the answers every Sunday.

Any given Sunday…

Bo’s Coffee
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36 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best

  1. the answer would be: tentenenen…… haha. if you have hope in the One who is the source of all of these, you have a rested life, no matter the storms.

    i am happy you enjoyed your breakfast. that looks undoubtedly delicious. let me know what else they got on your next visit. im pretty sure this wont be the last time you will stay there. i also agree with the completion coffee brings! with bo’s, we support local farmers in our own little ways. kudo’s Bo’s.

    i used to make my thesis in there. Bo’s is love. <3

    cha @

  2. Bo’s Coffee always serves good and satisfying breakfast. My favorite branch is in High Street, Bonifacio Global City.

  3. This café is tempting! With the current lockdown in my country, I’d just love to visit, grab some coffee & cake… But social distancing is a priority!!

  4. I haven’t been in Cebu, but I’ve been yearning to visit such a wonderful place soon! I love coffee too and I’ve heard about this Bo’s Coffee once. Definitely, gonna try their coffee at the soonest!

  5. Wonderful images this post made me so hungry! I have never been to this area or any of the shops but it has been added on my bucket list!

  6. I need to visit this coffee shop once I go back to the Philippines. I migrated five years ago and went back for a vacation last year and I’m surprised how many local coffee shops are starting to boom! More coffee shops, more fun!

  7. That looks like a pretty good breakfast. I love breakfast food even though I’m usually not hungry in the mornings.

  8. Oh wow the food surely sounds very delicious and tasty one….indeed it looks like you really had a great time there…glad you shared this with us…Thanks indeed for sharing…Great work…

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