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Some New Eats and Sips Around Cebu for My Week-long Birthday

Some New Eats and Sips Around Cebu for My Week-long Birthday

When I say new, I meant new to me. Whether the place has been there for a while, or it’s a totally new shop in Cebu.

Monster Crab

Monster Crab

My earliest Birthday Celebration was with My Love Aimer on December 26th. We decided to try Monster Crab since it is a new seafood place which is super close to the new hotel, Yello, where we stayed in for the night. We wanted crabs but find it too expensive. So we’ve decided to go for Spicy Prawns and Kangkong. Both really fresh and really good. It’s also amazing that their service water is a 500mL bottle of Nature’s Spring Water. Yep! You’ve read that right.

Scallops Soup

The highlight of the night for me is the Scallops Soup. We actually ordered Mussels Soup, but in its absence they gave in to Aimer’s request of having the scallops as an alternative. It is to die for! Definitely, perfect for that rainy night. I’d like to go back and check if it’s already added on their menu now.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Aimer is a die-hard milk tea person, and I support her every time we are together. Yi Fang is one of the newest tea shops, in Ayala Malls Central Block, owned by Kryz Uy. As you can see, the place is kind of packed and there’s a need to fall in line at the order area. You may check the menu photo for their various offerings.

Black Tea Latte with Grass Jelly

I asked Aimer to choose my drink for me. She got the both of us Black Tea Latte with Grass Jelly. For a non-milk tea person, I like it. And Aimer loved it since she says that it is made out of real brewed tea. She is a frequent flier and she has tried milk tea from different parts of the world. So her opinion on anything milk tea is legit.

CookPub – Modern Korean Bistro & Bar

CookPub - Modern Korean Bistro & Bar

On the exact day of my Birthday My Love Cha, who just flew in from Japan, had lunch with me at CookPub – Modern Korean Bistro & Bar. I felt so special as she decided to be with me on my day for at least 2 hours, since she was flying out to General Santos City at 3:00 PM that day. Yes, she is another jet-setter.

Spicy Chicken Meal

We ordered the Spicy Chicken Meal that came with Kimchi Pancakes and Seaweed Soup. Plus, of course, kimchi and some other vegetable side dish. We also ordered the Kimchi Tuna Soup. We had brewed coffee since we both needed our caffeine fix at that time of the day already. She surprised me with a Birthday Greeting along with my, now favorite, Thermos from Japan. She also brought me UCC Coffee and KitKat. Who wouldn’t love her?

Angus Dan’s

Angus Dan's

Another Birthday Dinner Treat came from My Dear Pia! She brought me to one of the latest steak places, in Capitol Site. Angus Dan’s used to be Choobi Choobi in the area.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole, Surf and Turf with a glass of red wine, and Garlic Steak

They served us with home-made pickles as compliments of the house. We had the Spaghetti Alle Vongole, I had the Surf and Turf with a glass of red wine, while Pia got the Garlic Steak. Everything was good and their prices are reasonable enough.

Angus Dan's

The place has the cabin feels. It’s cozy enough and very ideal for good conversations over dinner.

Brazo de Mercedes and Mango Float

And dinner will never be complete without dessert. We tried their Brazo de Mercedes and Mango Float out. It was indeed a sweet night with Pia.

La Vie In The Sky

La Vie In The Sky

And the latest Post Birthday Celebration for me was at La Vie In The Sky. There is an entrance fee of 100 Pesos per head which is actually consumable. There are a lot of food types and drinks to choose from inside. We had the seafood croquette and some Pineapple Danish, Cranberry, and Mango pastries. Warning: They are on a self-service basis.

La Vie In The Sky

We also had some Moroccan Kefta which tastes authentic. This is a comment from someone who knows this food very well. It came with rice though, instead of bread which should be its pair. Sadly, they already ran out of pizza as we came there late, around 10:00 PM. I suggest you go earlier. So, instead, we had ziti al dente with white sauce. Their food were great, except for the pastries which we feel were not filled enough!

La Vie In The Sky

The ambiance is the best part! The city lights and the feel of the building on the top floors is just romantic and amazing!

La Vie In The Sky

They have a lot of drink offerings but we went for a bottle of red wine which perfectly capped our night off. And it is the best end to My Birthday week. Age is just a number! Make sure to enjoy every year that you have been blessed with. Like wine, we should become better with time. So, where are you planning to spend your birthday and with whom?

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