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Social Media Has Gone Socially Toxic

Social Media Has Gone Socially Toxic

There are two sides to a coin.

I have stopped posting so much of my opinions on social media because I can already see how toxic it has become. I see people attacking anything that is contrary to their beliefs, as well as the people who are on the opposing end. It has become a war zone of words either made on impulse or the lack of thorough judgment.

And there are two sides of you.

Every time you point out somebody else’s prejudice, aren’t you also displaying that of your own? Every time that you point a finger, the other three fingers are pointing back at yourself. Having differences is nothing new. However, people nowadays act like everyone should be seeing eye to eye all the time. That anyone who has a different perspective automatically becomes wrong and an enemy.

In the grand scheme of things, there are people who are orchestrating the art of division.

Yes, we are all blind. Politics stirs division. Some politicians want people on their side because they want to win an election, and does not necessarily have public service at heart and in mind. And destroying someone has become a norm. Just like cancel culture. The pursuit of power has become toxic. Unfortunately, hate sells and whatever makes people angry gets more attention. More clicks, more engagements, and more shares.

People have also become fanatics.

May it be religion, politics, sports, or even on so-called current issues. They fight and defend their ground, like it’s the only thing that matters in this world. We have lost the essence of diversification and communication. All of us have forgotten the importance of learning and listening to the other side of the coin that we are looking at. We always have to win the argument and we always have to be the one that is right.

At the end of the day we are all wrong.

Because we fail to get a balanced perspective on things. Haven’t you noticed on your newsfeed? When someone dislikes or hates someone, all you will ever see are posts about what is wrong with that person? Without even taking into account the things that the person has done right. This is to emphasize the point of one’s hatred and dislike. And this is an attempt to create what we call a bandwagon.

Almost everything has become a campaign on social media.

A campaign for certain politicians. A campaign for a certain basketball team. A campaign to win a cause. The sad part is that, instead of bringing up what is good about that which you are campaigning for, people destroy the other side of it. Just to win votes and fans.

All of these at the expense of friends who has been there for you since your younger years, in the ups and downs of life. At the expense of families who had good relationships before they started airing out their differing opinions publicly. At the expense of strangers who would have been friends and helping hands in times of distress and calamity.

Think before you click.

Are you ensuing hatred? Are you encouraging destruction? Have you become a human being who will humiliate anyone just to be proven right? Do you think, that by doing so, you are truly right?

In the end we are all losers.

We lose friends. We lose relationships. And we lose the true essence of true humanity. The convenience of social media was supposedly made to bring people closer to each other, but it is now only turning people apart. Now, I miss Friendster.

Look at your hands. Are they offering peace or strife? Don’t leave that major life decision on the tip of your fingers. Winning an argument should not mean losing everyone around you.

I’ve learned my lesson. How about you?

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35 thoughts on “Social Media Has Gone Socially Toxic

    • You are right! I rarely post or comment to anything politics and personal views. I’d rather watch tv series than to argue or exchange thoughts. 🙂

    • Ugh. I used to love social media. Now, I can honestly say that if I weren’t on it all day for work, I would NEVER be on it.

    • Great post. Social media has gotten absolutely nuts. It’s like a virtual death battle out there if you say the wrong thing.

    • Social media has beomce so toxic, I can’t even believe it. I remember when social media first got popular. It was such a fun place. Now it’s a mine field.

    • I COULD not agree with you more!! “At the end of the day we are all wrong”— dead on. Love this!!

    • i so agree , social media reflects how we as a society have become and platforms like Twitter are where online wars are being raged everyday

    • Interesting read. It is sad to see how social media is being used for such bad intentions rather than the fun it was meant for.

    • You are absolutely right! There is definitely toxicity with social media these days. I just try my best to stay in my lane and take everything with a grain of salt. Only invest in content that is positive or adds value to my life in some way. You have to preserve your mental health these days because social media is not the same that it once was.

    • I really only use social media for my biz. I don’t post a lot about my family. Maybe birthdays and anniversaries — those are things that can’t really be picked apart you know. I agree with this post!

    • I am not 100% adverse to social media yet but I can see why some people feel like you do with it’s toxicity. I guess, in my mind, I know I am in control of my own perception and feelings and thus don’t let the opinions of agitators on social media channels ever bother me or influence me.

    • I think it is best to cut back on social media. I don’t post much on Facebook- only about 3 or 4 posts per week- and it’s usually neutral messages, like a restaurant I just visited.

    • I’ve always said Social media is a great tool but just like any tool, it is often misused. Great post.

    • Yes, it is so sad that people can not have an open conversation and think about why somone has a different thought or belief. Chances are it isn’t even their own thought/belief. It is something they have been told and don’t take time to find out facts or develope thier own thoughts. If you took people when they were a baby or even up to 2 years of age and placed them with a family in a different country with a completely different culture, they would not have the thoughts and beliefs they have now. People need to learn to have some perspecitive and realize that when it comes to thoughts and beliefs – No one is Right and No one is Wrong.

    • Social media is the most abused thing in the world. We should just be open-minded about the things we read and watch on FB or YT.

    • I so I completely agree!! It’s really sad what it’s turning into lately.

    • I totally agree with this and it sucks that because of the pandemic, thats kinda what were stuck with to connect with people. Taking a social media detox is actually a good idea haha

    • This is actually what I love about blogging. It gives you a space to breathe, without truly putting yourself out there. In Facebook (most especially), people think they deserve to be heard–whatever it may be. And I agree with you, it’s just so toxic. People just exist to make a point and this sense of entitlement is just annoying.

      I swear, this social media culture is too much.

    • Social media is so tricky. It’s important to remember that IT IS NOT REAL! haha

    • I agree with you. I used to post a lot years ago but now I only update my cover and profile picture and I don’t leave comments on posts no matter how interesting they are, I just react to the comments I’m agreeing with then go straight to looking at memes especially on Facebook. Social media has lost it’s essence, I only see people attacking each other.

    • Social media is like a venus flytrap, it is so sweet to get attract but gets dangerous. You can get sued now for your social media posts. Scary!

    • absolutely agreeing with your sharing here, we all need to strike a balance with social media, not overly hooked on daily. cheers,siennylovesdrawing

    • Social media can be savage sometimes. We have to really schedule our interactions because it became a massive platform for different believes and fake news. We have to respect each other’s opinions but some would be really rude and annoying.

    • I think everything has two sides of the coin. there are a lot of strange things happening in social media and in public space in general lately

    • God I work with some ppl that are now clearly going mad cause all those conspiracy theories out there on FB. If you only said something that is not in their belief they get all upset and it is not fun talking with them anymore.

    • There are definitely good and bad sides of social media and it’s good to keep in mind it’s not all real. This is such a good read and something everyone should know.

    • There are definitely good and bad sides of social media. I try not to be on there too often and for too long. Such a good read, everyone should heard this!

    • I’ve become more and more distant from social media lately. It’s hard to keep up with, especially Twitter where things can go from 0-100 in just a few minutes.

    • Yes, social media has become a battleground. It is something I have to put up with as it’s related to my work. But often I find it energy-draining and I go on a social detox. It helps.

    • On point! No wonder why a lot of people I know opt to do social media detox once in a while. I have thought of trying to detox too but my fun loving self can’t last a day without seeing funny posts or memes. Haha. Oh well, for now I’d just keep on scrolling fast whenever I sense toxic
      posts and arguments, that should work for now.

      • Hey! So nice to hear your thoughts over here. 🖤 Just do what works for you. I have more time for work without my FB addiction. Haha! 😂

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