Saying Hello to the New Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City called Yello!

Saying Hello to the New Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City called Yello!

Yello Hotel

Say Hello to Yello!

The newest Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City. The architecture is notable and the structure has a lot of details to marvel at, both in its interior and exterior facade. I love how it tries to capture natural light from above and how they have incorporated nature in its look with their green elements.

It has a business lobby, where Fujinoya is at.

So you can have your coffee with pastries while waiting, or for those who needs to wait for you. Just choose your nook! Their parking spots are also something else.

Hotel Lobby

Upon check-in, you will be asked to sign on a tablet.

You can enjoy coffee and pastries from Fujinoya if you so wish. The restroom area is a beauty. Well, for a female such as myself at least. On the 5th floor, you can hangout at the Azotea Garden Deck or go straight to the Roof Deck where Amarillo Restaurant is at. This is also where their function rooms for your events can be held at. The Jacuzzi Bar is still a Work In Progress though, as of this time. Can’t wait until it is ready for their Grand Opening!


The hallways are playful, yet having this industrial feel as well.

The carpet is aligned to the theme of the entire floor. The room that we got is a space-saver. Which was both spacious and cozy enough for 2 people.

Shower and Toilet

Love the packaging of their toiletries.

I also liked the idea of having the toilet as a separated room from that of the shower since our room is good for 2. Their space-saving tricks will give you an idea or two on how to arrange some fixtures at your very own homes.

Breakfast Buffet

When you get up in the morning, just go straight to the Roof Deck, at Amarillo Restaurant, if you wish to take your breakfast right away. The buffet is served from 6:00 to 10:00 AM. Choose your omelette while enjoying the view at the top with their unlimited brewed coffee.

Hotel Room

Enjoy your stay at Yello Hotel with any of your closest friends, family, and loved ones. There are different types of rooms to choose from. All cozy enough to sleep in through the night, and become your resting space in between trips and tours.

Room Coffee

Enjoy a cup of instant coffee, provided in your room, while watching your favorite cable channels. Relax, chill, and get well-rested.

Azotea Garden Deck

And true enough, I went back with another friend and we both checked the Azotea Garden Deck out. So, a photoshoot was in order. Can’t wait for everything to be up and ready!

Hello Robot

How was it so easy for me to keep staying at Yello? I took advantage of their Soft Opening Promo which will only run until December 31, 2019. It’s good for 2 people with 1 free breakfast. Just add 250 pesos for the next person’s meal! Not bad at all! Let’s all cross our fingers for an extension of the opportunity to buy the 998-peso vouchers! Visit them and get to meet their Robot, too! Just say “Hello, Robot!” and say “Hello” to Yello. When would you like to try this Smart and Design Hotel out?

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Yello Hotel

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Enjoy Cebu!
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30 thoughts on “Saying Hello to the New Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City called Yello!

  1. Love their idea of having a combination of yellow and white on their exterior design. It makes the hotel looks simple but sleek. And the rooms look so comfy!

  2. I love the interior of the hotel. I just find the location of the sink inside the room kind of weird. haha. I hope that the roof deck will be fully opened if I get the chance to go back. I am expecting for more foods to be served.

  3. It’s such a cute hotel! I love quirky places like this. We had a hotel which was similar in Amsterdam a few years ago and it was just so different and cute!

  4. Wow! I love the interior design of Yello Hotel. The designer must have been very particular. I would love to visit and enjoy my omelette and unlimited brewed coffee.

  5. This looks like a gorgeous place to stay! I love a modern design and when hotels bring the outdoors inside by using greenery. Staying in a nice hotel like this is something I really enjoy when traveling, I think it can make or break a trip!

  6. Such a wonderful place and beautiful look of interior and exterior modern design of this hotel, the room also seem good. Thanks for sharing this nice information about Yello with us!

  7. I look forward to all of your posts and pictures. You capture everything in the perfect way. it makes me so excited to see these things for myself in the future!

  8. I love how cool and hip this hotel is! I love the coloring scheme and love how simple it is! I want to stay here!

  9. I love how simple yet cool and hip this hotel is. I love the coloring scheme. It is awesome! I would love to stay here!

  10. Wow! I love its modern design! It has such sleek clean lines, that is a must in a hotel design for me. It looks like it has all the latest tech and delicious food too. Sounds like a winner to me!

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