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Risks Of Keeping Safe And Rewards Of Taking Risks

Risks Of Keeping Safe And Rewards Of Taking Risks

I know that I took illogical risks during the pandemic.

When staying safe is a survival at this point. I started running a business, when life is hard for most people. My product is not a basic need, but a need nonetheless. It is something that you can still live without, yet the quality of your life will be a lot better with it. Launched it, and it picked up right away. I left a job while still exploring other opportunities, while being picky of them as well. The point was not to leave a job and then just settle for another for a paycheck. I left because I cannot see myself in it for the long haul, no matter how safe it seems. I wanted to do something where I can pour my heart and soul into because in so doing, I grow better and wiser.


Starting something and starting over and doing them at the same time sounds crazy. And it can get crazy. But believe it or not, I have more peace now amidst the challenges and the possible complications that could come my way. Here I am again, going through another adjustment stage, learning new things and studying more than ever. If I have chosen my old life, things would have been easier. But it was heavier. I wasn’t happy anymore. I had to let it go. The weight was not worth it. I have better things to look forward to every day, now. It’s better safe than sorry, they said. But I am not sorry at all.

Was I scared of all the uncertainties that I have placed myself into?

Well, yes! I was even afraid to drive again. It’s been a year since I was on the road on my own. But I was pretty confident with what I am capable of. Most importantly of the faith that I had in myself and from all of the provisions that God has been throwing my way. Which has always been pretty evident in my life. And here I am, driving again. Amazing how our muscle memory never loses its touch. And yes, I do my very best to drive safe. We will never lose a learned skill. We just have to practice to polish it again.

My intuitions and gut feel rarely fail me.

They are almost always right. When God wants to move me, He does things that would really make me take leaps and bounds. Even if they do not make any sense to the human minds around me. I am looking forward to my new mission and purpose. Definitely not here by accident and I am meant to be where I am now. There is a contribution that I need to make. And more lives to touch. We are made to solve problems and help iron things out.

Growth is a very important endeavor in our lives.

There is no point of getting old, when there is no growth involved. Why do you age? Why do you strive? What kind of person and future are you building yourself into? And most of all, what type of legacy are you leaving in the world when you’re not living in it anymore?

The lessons that I am taking with me in my new journey are:

  1. Never allow the selfishness of others to stunt your generosity.
  2. Never erase the smile on your face just because others want to wipe it off of you.
  3. Never settle for mediocrity, you are meant for excellence.
  4. Never dull your shine just because some eyes can’t take bright lights.
  5. Never sell your soul in exchange of your own peace of mind.

And please, never say never in life. Keep taking risks. Win or lose, you’ve gained wisdom and strength. And you’ll be surprised! God’s favor will always be better than our own labor.

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