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Real Estate, Real Responsibilities

Real Estate, Real Responsibilities

Hello there!

Yes, it’s been a while since our last blog post. And yes, I am still very much alive. You just might be wondering because my last post was about Vaccination To Rebuild A Nation”. The jabs kept me healthy and well, don’t worry. Haha!

Kidding aside, as I have mentioned, I am a Real Estate Broker and a Sales Director for i28 Realty Company. Honestly, I am not that active as I also have my full-time job. The beauty of the Real Estate Profession is having the ability to go full time or part time, depending on your focus, goals, and pace. You can also do it under the employment of Real Estate Developers (full-time though). It gives you the license of having the freedom of choice.

So, every now and then I will have clients for site tours and visits. And this is one of the most crucial steps. This is when the client gets the feel of their future home. Or the feel of their investments. It’s always about the experience. After all, this is one of the biggest decisions one can make in life. And changing your mind could mean big steps to take afterwards. So, choose wisely! And take the time to plan everything out. I would not wish future headaches for my beloved clients.

First things, first. You need to make sure that you get a property that fits your budget. You must have a budget in mind. Money that you can always set aside, if you’d like to go in installments. After all, it’s almost a life-long commitment. Or even if you could pay cash in full. It must always be easy on your pockets. And could mean that you could still afford all of your other basic necessities and still get to do what you enjoy doing in life. Oh! Let me just add, check for monthly dues: like condo dues or association dues.

Please note that most, if not all, reservation fees are non-refundable. Best to check with your banks or housing loan agencies in terms of pre-approval. Always check payment terms and the options that are available within your reach. This is also why a good credit standing is important. Always take care of your name and reputation. If you already have the cash, then you have nothing to worry about then.

Next, you have to make sure that you will not have a hard time getting to and out of the location of the said property. What good is a home that you’d hate going home to? Or a home that would be too far away from your every day grind? This could also mean time and money for either commute and gas. These are things that you should also consider. Unless you are just getting a property for rental purposes because for sure, you’d most likely get a tenant who would be working around the same area.

What would you like to see around your new home?

You may also ask around for how utilities work in the property so you will already have an idea on what to expect on the daily. You may want to know what the usual complaints are all about. Just to make sure that it’s within your patience and understanding limits. You also need to consider your noise tolerance. Because the sound waves will depend on the environment that you are in. Well if it’s a pre-selling project, some information may not be available at the time of purchase. But you can always ask for their plans ahead.

Next up is to check the other inclusions of your purchase. Like services, and the amenities that you’d also get to enjoy. Most people would look for a gym, a swimming pool, and a park. Also best to check what you can or cannot add to your property to avoid disappointments and violations of contract later on. Most especially if you have pets. Not all properties are pet-friendly.

It’s always exciting to get real estate and have a property or have properties that you can call your very own. But always bear in mind that you are also acquiring responsibilities that come with that excitement.

Shop real estate responsibly. To make sure that you are getting your dream home, and not a nightmare.

If you’d like to get my services as your Real Estate Broker, here are my contact details below:

Christy Angeli Wilhoit
Licensed Real Estate Broker
REB PRC License # 0015857
DHSUD # CVRFO-B-11/17-2037
Contact 09171220448 also a Viber number.
Or email at christywilhoit.i28realtyco@gmail.com

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Note: I would like to thank Mr. Harlan Dean for inspiring me to write again.

It’s good to be back!

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