• Cebu, Philippines
Composition Ardor


I get unusual attractions

I don’t find everyone interesting

But there were some with a mysterious pull

I was drawn to your fire

I’m afraid that I will still be

Every one of them had a similar flame to yours

But only temporal

It was the warmth that you ignite that I wanted

I got something familiar

But it was never the same

And I’ve got no one else to blame

I will forever bear the shame

I’ve lost the heat of your love

Only music makes me feel your presence now

I close my eyes just to feel you close to me

Whenever I open them, I see you, but not really

You’ll forever be a part of who I am

And there will be parts that I can never be

It was not just a question of courage

It was a riddle of what I could and couldn’t give

It was never a question of you

Never doubt yourself

It was and will always be a question of me

I had to deal with the demons within my self

~ Christy Angeli Wilhoit ~


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