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Peace Of Mind Is A Conscious Choice

Peace Of Mind Is A Conscious Choice

Life can sometimes be so perplexing. So many doors can open for you, only for you to find out that you went into a wrong one, again. It can either be a short stint, or a long agonizing wait. Looking back though, you will realize that every room, that you have been into in life, has its purpose to serve you. One way or another, a lesson or a pack of lessons had to be experienced for us to learn. Life is an endless test of trials and errors.

We all learn from our troubles and our struggles. However, I am a believer of worth. May it be your own or of the opportunities that you have grabbed unto. Imagine staying in a burning room that feels like hell, just so you can test how strong and fire-proof you are. Maybe that metaphor was kind of exaggerated but it does give the emphasis on the message that I am trying to convey. Is it worth burning for? Do you deserve the burns? Think about it.

How do we equate blessings and curses? Success and failure? Wrong for us versus right for us? Good for us versus bad for us? I can only think of one thing. What does it make you become into? Is it making you better? Or bitter? The choice to stay or go in a certain environment or culture will always be a choice that one has to make.

Choices are not easy, most especially when you are being presented with so many opportunities of new doors (yes). But I think that we should start analyzing our past patterns and evaluating the factors that drives us, motivates us, and fulfills us. Then go and look for it. Never settle for anything less, because when you sell yourself short you lose your value as a person. You can become less than who you really are.

You have the freedom to choose peace in your life. And you have to do it constantly and consciously. Personal and Professional Development should be an endless goal. And just like any plant, find a soil with a good amount of sunshine to help you grow. It’s also very important that you stay where you are watered the right way.

Choose a place where negativity does not grow like a cancer normalized for the sake of earning a living. Keep working on yourself, your craft, and your future. Live your purpose and your dreams. Know the difference between what is good for you and what is not. Again, you have and will always have the power of choice.

There is beauty in freedom and finding that place where you want to be. Choose your mental health. Because eventually it will affect your physical and emotional health as well. We should always aim for a holistic healthy lifestyle. Always remember that peace of mind is a conscious choice.

Learn from the patterns of the people around you. The magic of seeing the good and the bad is knowing who you want to be like versus who you don’t want to grow old like. In this way, you can become the best version of yourself. And I still believe that Children Need Discipline, Adults Need Self-Discipline.

One of the greatest lessons, is not just knowing what you want in life but also knowing what you don’t want as well. So that you can always make the wiser choice, the next time that you are in a crossroads. And with this, I pray that you will always choose peace over anything else.

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