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Not A Good Day, Get Up Anyway

Not A Good Day, Get Up Anyway

What is the importance of patience, endurance, and resilience?

One must realize that every day will not be a good day. And whether it be a good day or a bad one, you still have to get up anyway.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to become better.

And one must always have desires and goals to look forward to and accomplish, day to day. However, one must remember that our aspirations may not come that simple and easy. Energy is a very important part of one’s being. When this is depleted, it will be difficult to face the tasks ahead. One can try because it is not an impossibility, but the lack of energy may make moving along the road rough, tough, and heavier to tread.

The ups and downs that we experience are nothing out of the ordinary.

Don’t let the slowdowns bring you down. I mean, one can permit one’s self to feel let down, out, exhausted, and just plain lazy. That is perfectly fine. But never stay there. Don’t stay in bed too long, get up and go on.

It is one’s responsibility to recharge in anyway that they see fit.

Some may take a cup of coffee, or two, or three. (Yes, I have started a Podcast, please click the link to have a listen.) Some may prefer just tea. For some it is going for a run, playing a sport, or hitting the gym. For some it may mean a walk in the park, a talk with a good friend, or spending time with a pet. It could also mean comfort food, or reading a good book.

As for me, writing may give me a burst of energy.

But how about those days that I don’t feel like writing anything at all? I allow my self to wallow and think of the sparrow or the swallow because, eventually, things will just fall into place by themselves. And here I am, writing again with enthusiasm. There is always a time for everything. A time when there is so much to fill, and a time to just become still.

If you are serving your life’s purpose…

And only you can know what it is, a time of work or a time of rest is never time wasted. Growth never means always on the move, sometimes growth comes with pain and at times waiting. Just keep doing your best and, when your body asks for it, rest. Becoming anxious is quite funny. It comes when you have so much to do in a day, it also happens when you have nothing to do at all. To borrow some words from Alanis Morisette: “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?”

Our feelings are valid.

Our mental state are not always in its best shape. Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack. But please promise me this, sooner or later, you are going to bounce back! It may not be a good day, but get up anyway!

Note: This is coming from my business experience. There will be really good days in sales, but there will be days when you get nothing at all. But, this is no reason to quit. Business has its ups and downs and this is where the importance of patience, endurance, and resilience come into play. You have to keep your operations going, and when bad days come, anticipate the good days afterwards and never cease to pray. Taking this as a challenge to create more and better strategies for sales and marketing moving forward.

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