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You might all be wondering, what does CA do aside from blogging? I’ve been in the sales industry for as long as I can remember. My destiny in sales was accidental, or so, I think. The first job that was offered to me after finishing up college was to sell films, and by that I mean for both printing and x-ray. And this initial experience led to so many sales opportunities afterwards. Most of the time, sales would go hand in hand with marketing most especially with the lack of a Marketing Department. And then there’s self-made advertising. The works! The end goal… is to sell. To win deals. So sales people would do anything to close a sale. But let me remind you, that we do have principles. To each his own. And I am very firm with mine. I’ve left jobs that did not feel right anymore. I take pride in myself and what I do and what I am capable of accomplishing.

But I am not here to sell. But rather to create. There’s a creative side to me that has been both hidden and honed through time. I’ve always wanted to write. I had novels that only lasted until Chapter 5, because I did not know how to prolong the story. I used to write poems and some songs. I can only remember one of them but not the whole thing anymore. I’ve lost all the notebooks that I used to put all of my writings on. My thoughts used to wander and my fingers would do the job. But then just like how I am, I’ve always started something that I could and would not finish. It’s not something that I am proud of. In fact, if anything, I would like to encourage everyone of you to pursue your dreams. Never quit. Keep on keeping on. Weird and ironic coming from someone like me, right? But I am the very person who can speak to you against being a quitter and a procrastinator. I am strongly speaking from experience. If you get my drift.

So, as I am starting my blogging journey, I hope that you will never get tired of me like how I got tired of myself in the past. This is me. And I am doing my very best to become someone that I should have been a long time ago. Let me take you to my world. See things in my point-of-view. Share my perception. Look at things through my eyes. And I hope that I could inspire you to become someone that you have long wanted to be.

Enjoy each and every feed. My mind is a universe of galactic thoughts. You’ll see.

Yes, I used to be blonde.

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