Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

The title of this write-up may not make sense to everyone. This is not for those who only loved one person in their entire life. Nor for those who got married to their first boyfriend/girlfriend. This is not even for those who have not loved anyone at all. This will only make sense for those people who have stayed single in spite of their dating history. Those who can’t seem to land what they call a “forever”.

Yes, as of press time, I’ve met four different loves of my life. Impossible? Not for me. I may even have a fifth one later on. Who knows? But for now, let me tell you about the four different loves that I’ve, so far, come across.

#1 The One That Got Away

#1 The One That Got Away (Soooo cliché)

This is the love who I’ve been eyeing on and never thought would look my way. This one was the heartthrob! The type that everyone wants to get their hands on. This has the sparkly eyes, and heart-melting smile. The one who was always fun to be with. No bad memories (except for our parting of ways) and never a dull moment. Young Love, so to speak.

This is the type that you look forward to every morning. Breakfast dates, weekend getaways, and never-ending phone calls. The first thought as you wake up and the last thought as you bid the world good night.

This was also the one that you’ve made your biggest mistake on.

You’ve let this one go because you were still immature. And so, the regret will forever be there. This one is always on my “what ifs” list. The one that I’ve wished I could have loved more without holding back. Now, I will never have the chance. Married for so long now. I’ve just got to respect that.

#2 The One of Chaos

#2 The One of Chaos

This one got so complicated. Started smooth and enjoyable at the beginning but became a roller coaster ride all the way to the end. This is the one that was quite vague, but lasted quite a while still. A contradiction of all sorts yet very much unexpected. This is the mysterious type. Very alluring yet very dangerous.

This has the staring game on, because our eyes spoke volumes of what we could not say to each other. Or was it just me, who could not express how I felt? This one does the one step forward but takes 2 steps backwards afterwards. This one never goes anywhere. And remains a mystery up to this day.

This is the one you will somehow miss, because you’ve made so much memories yet you don’t even know where you stand in each other’s lives.

This one is kind of yes but also somewhat a no. This one is someone that you have loved, yet never told. This is that someone that you know you should let go of.

#3 The Easy One

#3 The Easy One

Nope, I’m not saying that this person is an easy-type. On the contrary, this one is very rare. A diamond in the rough. A soulmate, if you will. This is the one who is easy to be with. The one who brings so much comfort by their mere presence in your life. The one who can light up your entire world, and then you begin to see things clearly. This is the one who will transform you to become the best version of yourself. This one brings out the best in you.

Yet this is someone you cannot be with. This is someone who is just passing through. This is the one who has purpose in your life, yet not the one who will see you through. This is the very one who comes to give you that push that you needed to get your life going.

This is the one that you argue with yet never really fought with.

This is the one who puts up with you and you put up with yet you both can’t really give up on each other either. This is the one that you will miss because they bring so much bliss. This is the one that you will wish for, but can’t keep anyway.

#4 The One You’ve Waited For But Still Wrong

#4 The One You’ve Waited For But Still Wrong

Yes, you’ve read that right. Waited for this one for so long, yet sadly this one is still very wrong for me. This is the one that came with glaring red flags! Maybe sirens even, that screamed danger in my face. But, I’ve waited for this one for so long, that I’ve ignored all of the warning signs anyway. This is the one that I’ve took the most risk for. This is the one that opened me up again but has actually just ripped me open.

This is the one that felt like a whirlwind. This is the one that came with quick signs of being The One. So many similarities that would make you think of compatibility. This is the one that came with so many promises that, unfortunately, only ended up as lies. This is the one who’s too good to be true. This is the one that kept you waiting and hoping for something that will never come. This is the one who has made me hold on, only to find out that I must let go.

This is the one that will totally change your perspective on love.

No, this one did not make me cynical like the past ones that I’ve dated. This one did not make me hate myself for taking a leap that has only left me injured once again. This is the one that made me realize how much of a gamble love is. This is the one that helped me feel how liberating it is to love and be loved regardless of the outcome. This is the one who has taught me patience and made me see the limitations of my tolerance. This is the one who will make me a better person for my next relationship.

The Four Loves Of My Life

As you can see, I am still very much hopeful for the fifth one. And this time, I’ll be ready. Ready to love and not hold back. Ready to say how I feel and express my thoughts, too. Ready to keep someone that I can grow old with. And ready to open my heart again to take risks, to build patience, and to extend my tolerance longer. Ready to become the best version of myself for The One That I’ll End Up With Forever.

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62 thoughts on “Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

  1. i am also hopeful for your fifth one. hoping the same title with the fourth, but this time, the right one. i also wonder which role I played or still playing in someone else’s life right now. mhmmm…

  2. Ah, this was a lovely read. So thought provoking! Ever thought what the previous 4 thought of you? I bet you wish you could read their words?
    Thanks for sharing this and being so open. It definitely struck a chord.

  3. Wow. You were so open and detailed on this and I have to say it was a briliant read. We learn ourself better throughout relationships so they are worth it even the hard ones. Someday you will find the one for you I am positive!

  4. It is certainly possible to love more than one throughout your life. Just because it didn’t work out to forever after doesn’t mean the love wasn’t there. It is great you can recognized that and keep moving forward instead of ending the relationship as if the love never existed.

    1. I was hurt after every break up, and probably hated them for a bit of for too long. Haha! But I don’t hate them now. They can still bring a smile to my face, just the very thought of how things were with them.

  5. well I got Married 11 years ago and still with my husband but of course I have loved couple of times before him too. Love is hard to explain. but definetly is hard to believe we come here to love 1 . I though my husband was the love of my life and then i met my son…..

  6. Ohh, ….. love to read your story, and openness in sharing about 4 time meet with love….. Love has no boundary but our society has created the boundaries…… Thanks for sharing these great thoughts.

    1. I hope the 5th one comes when I’m at the right place in my life. When all I can ever think of, is be the best life partner and support that I can be. For now, my dreams are back. And I have better things in mind. 🖤

  7. What an amazing piece! I didn’t want it to end. I thought it was so thought provoking and well written and I felt for you each time. I hope you find your fifth and forever

  8. Interesting piece you have put together, the journey is not always easy, but understanding each other and endurance is what really matters. I wish you good luck and the best of them all.

  9. It is very commendable that you are so open about your relationships. I have had only 1 love and it will always be that. But I wish you luck that you find what you are looking for in the 5th one,

  10. Every relationship is a learning opportunity, hopefully getting us ready for when we will find and commit to the one that is right for us! It is a wonderful thing to be able to love so openly, and I hope you find the right one for you, whether it is #5 or even #10 – The wait will be worth it.

  11. I’ve always wanted to end up with the first girl I fell in love with but somehow life happens and planned things doesn’t happen. You just have to move on and wait for another, hopefully, you get to find the right one.

  12. I love this post. And I relate. I have a few of these, but they’re slightly different. The good things about some of them were not good for me, or good for another category. Always makes me a little nostalgic thinking of some of them. Nonetheless, I’m so glad to be where I am now (even though it’s a divorced mom of 3 kids 3 and under) because I really believe in loving the life you live.

    1. Wow! So glad to hear that I am not alone on this experience. I did love these people, probably still love them. But if circumstance dictates otherwise, I must let go and love them from afar. 🖤

  13. There is so much truth in this. Except in my case I only have 3 . Number 1 is dead on. My second love is numbers 2 and 4 and my easy and my greatest love is number 3. I married him and look forward to what life brings

    1. It’s pretty tiring to start all over again actually. But, better that than stay in a relationship that will never really work. I’ve been single for 9 years now.

  14. Like they always say, it is better that you tried to love than not thing at all. The right one will come, but sometimes you have to search for it and not wait.

  15. I have only met ONE love of my life, and he happens to be my husband. It’s a strange feeling when you FIND THAT PERSON. Now of course, finding love is different for everyone. For you, you have multiple, but for me, just this one. Fate is an interesting thing!

  16. I really love the way you bring this up. It makes a lot of sense. looking back, I can say I have had 3 great loves. All of them taught me something new and all have been important in my life.

  17. That’s an interesting reflection. I think each love taught me something but I do hope my current love and husband is my forever

  18. Its a beautiful post and very relatable, I hope you find your forever soon, but till then no harm looking for that right one, like we don’t buy the first chair we sit on, coz some chairs are hard on bum, some are comfortable but look ugly and we keep on trying many chairs till we find that one perfect chair, the comparison may seem wrong, but that’s how life is, you go through ups and downs till you find the one who is best for you. Wishing you all the luck

  19. Finding your soul mate and the one you will love forever could be pretty difficult because in most cases you don’t really get to know that person until the bond between both of you is already strong.

  20. I broke up with my wife when we were still dating, before getting back together a few years later. And now we’re married with 2 lovely boys. So never say never!

    May the 5th one be your best one yet!

  21. This was so interesting! Very well written and you kept me interested throughout! I’m glad to say I think I’ve found my soulmate in my current partner. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

  22. You have definitely gone through your fair share of relationships. I hope you find what you are looking for. Don’t lose faith.

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