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Looking Forward To Every Days

Looking Forward To Every Days

Why is it important that we look forward to something every day?

And most importantly, why must we look forward to simple joys in life? It is because, every day is not always extraordinary. Yes, we must always have goals, make plans, and aspire to better ourselves on a daily basis. But we must also remember that achieving what we need and want is a process in itself. There will be times, when nothing exciting really happens in 24 hours. Well, you are most likely asleep from 4-12 hours in a day. This depends on what you do and the kind of lifestyle that you have chosen. Nevertheless, there will always be some dull moments in our lives. Imagine a life wherein you are always expecting something grand each day, I bet you’ll agree that it is going to be full of disappointments. Please, be gentle with yourself. The world is made up of small and big things. And it is the mix of both that makes life worthwhile.

This may not look exciting for you, but this made me the happiest today.

new coffee machine in the office

Today, we had a new coffee machine in the office. And it made me really happy. Again, I am a coffee-person. So anything coffee, most especially when it’s brewed, makes me giddy. I was very sad when the old brewed-coffee machine broke down, so I had to make do with the powdered-coffee machine for a while. But my body really craves for brewed coffee, and so it is a must for me. I have a coffee press at home. And I was so happy when My Beloved, Cha Esper, brought me ground coffee beans from Sagada. Well, she bought it from Baguio, but you know what I mean. *Wink.

So, if we just practice patience and understanding for our present predicament, what we need or want will just come sooner or later.

Making do with what you have is as important as aiming for your goals. We have to learn to become contented with the now, while pursuing our future dreams. Contentment is what makes people truly happy. The opposite makes one groan. Yes, it may give you the drive and motivation to work harder on your plans, but it may also burn you out while getting there. This is the process that I am talking about, every single step going to your destination counts. So, be happy and be contented with the simple provisions of your every days.

ground coffee beans from Sagada

Surprises do come in small packages but with great value!

A bag of coffee beans is one of the best things that you can give to a coffee-lover. Remember that. We will never ever forget you. Another *wink.

And just like the process, I will always prefer brewed coffee over the instant ones. Final *wink.

If you are asking, how my every day (every working day, that is) look like:

my workstation

Just like most of you, my daily routine involves looking at the computer screen for hours. I am a Sales Consultant. I look for clients, discuss their concerns with them and address the same, I make quotations, a gazillion follow ups, close deals (or not, yes, I deal with losses and not just wins), do a lot of customer service and support, then repeat everything. Each is a different case, so each is a lesson to learn. My job can be tedious but, so far, never boring. My emotions can run high at times. This happens when I am invested in what I do, because if I will not care so much about my job, then I will just shrug most things off and move on with my life. Although I am also practicing stress management and will slowly get to the cool, calm, and collected person that I wanna be. But for now, we are still going through the process and motions of managing our emotions. And that is fine. Live in the now, for now.

My job also involves a lot of studying since I am now in a very different industry, even if it’s a market that I am already familiar with. What to look forward to every day? Learning something new or different, or finding a solution to a problem, or creating something useful or beautiful each day. Today is what you make it, tomorrow is reaping what you sow.

So, what are you looking forward to today? I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the comment section below.

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