Living And Breathing Cliché Of Always The Bridesmaid Yet Never The Bride

Living And Breathing Cliché Of Always The Bridesmaid Yet Never The Bride

When I was younger, I never really understood the cliché “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” Not until it happened to me. I’ve always believed then, that women will always end up getting married. Because it’s tradition! Pretty much expected. It will eventually come. I’m speaking about marriage, and not necessarily weddings. Because I’ve never had a dream wedding. Not at any time of my life did I picture myself in a white gown while walking down the aisle towards the man of my dreams. I see that in movies, and hear that from my friends, but never in my mind for myself. And I’ve never even realized that, not until I remained single for 9 years straight now. And when I say single, single that’s not even in a committed relationship.

Never had a wedding dress but got several bridesmaid dresses.

Oh, I’ve enjoyed being a bridesmaid! Getting excited with the entourage and meeting new girl friends from the group. That’s how my then-clique was formed. We all became pretty close after the wedding day. I was also once a bridesmaid for my cousin. Bridesmaid dresses are pretty fun! You get different colors and styles, depending on the taste and preference of the bride as a motif.

I love how slim I was before, and enjoyed getting dolled up and wearing high heels. A thing of the past at my age now though.

Royal-Themed Wedding
Royal Blue

The photo ops and sessions are also one of the most enjoyable parts of being a bridesmaid. These were taken at a royal-themed wedding in royal blue.

It’s so fun being a girl! When you’re young and in high spirits. Every new milestone in a friend’s life is something that you celebrate with them. What makes them happy, makes you happy. What they want to achieve, you support all of it. Including their very own dream weddings. You just have to be a gorgeously reliable bridesmaid.

Another Royal-Themed Wedding

This was another royal-themed wedding. Lovin’ the calming color and the differing designs that each bridesmaid got as a dress. Yes, our dress styles were unique from each other. Plus, they have pockets for our phones!

And a glass of champagne, before the walk in the aisle, quite helps a bit. Nerve-wracking, as always! Even if I’m not the bride. It’s like that “all eyes on you ” moment. Or so, you think.


Would you believe if I told you that I won an iPhone 6 Plus, which was the latest model at that time, from this wedding? I caught the bouquet of flowers from the bride, while the brother of the groom caught the garter, and do you know what happened next? We played rock-paper-scissors in the middle of the ballroom just because we were told to do so at that time. I felt really weird with a puzzled-look on my face and I was like, “Oh my, I’m in here for a prank.” while I hear the crowd laughing at that announcement from the host. But the bride kept encouraging me to play along and that I will never regret it.

I was already somewhat buzzed at that time because of the overflowing drinks that never stops coming at our table. And so, we did, and I won that very short game. Then the host started to announce my prize and I think I said “shut up” aloud while looking at the bride, who couldn’t stop laughing at that time. I only believed it when I opened the white box with gold ribbon and saw the brand new phone inside. Definitely one of the funniest yet best surprises in my life as a bridesmaid. I told you! It’s not so bad being a bridesmaid.

And of course, there’s always the after party.

My Latest Bridesmaid Moment

My most recent bridesmaid experience was last July of 2016. Oh my, 4 years ago! Guess, I’m running out of bestfriends! Haha! Not really funny. I must admit that this was my chubbiest bridesmaid moment ever. Don’t worry, I got slim again the year after. Wrong plan timing, I know. At least I have these photos to remind me never to go cute and chubby ever again. Most especially, not when I’m bound to become a bridesmaid. Again.

Like a sport!

See? I told you, I don’t really want to become a bride someday. Just for the fun of it, I catch bouquets. Says no one ever.

But really, my next dream wedding role will be that of the maid-of-honor. Let’s just gradually progress, shall we? I am not ready for that promotion of being THE BRIDE just yet. Or… ever.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos above are shots by the Official Wedding Photographers. I do not claim them as my own.

Always The Bridesmaid

Yet Never The Bride
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59 thoughts on “Living And Breathing Cliché Of Always The Bridesmaid Yet Never The Bride

  1. Crazy how many times you’ve been the bridesmaid. I wouldn’t even know where to find that many close friends – LOL! I hope you had fun at all those weddings!

  2. You are really stunning.
    I’ve never been a bridesmaid infact I don’t even think I’ve been to a wedding as an adult.
    I don’t really have friends.

  3. It’s important how you feel. Marriage is not for everyone. As long as you are happy and live your life, things will fall in place.

  4. Nice read. Luckily for you, you really enjoyed your bridesmaid days and that’s contrary to a lot of other people’s experiences. I’ve heard quite a lot of bridezilla stories. You do look pretty by the way. Nice pix.

  5. I admit that it seemed to me to read a bit the story of my life xD and the way you dealt with it is fantastic girl!

  6. It is great that so many people consider you such a dear friend to stand up in their weddings. It is a good reason to get all dolled up and wear a fancy dress! You will be a bride when your time is right <3

    1. I had a lot closest to me in my younger years. Not all of them anymore now though. But we had beautiful friendships while it lasted. 🖤

  7. Looking at these pictures, you almost complete the colors of the rainbow. kidding aside. Just like what you said, you better end up alone than being in a wrong one. but if you really want it (which i also hope for), it’s not actually called waiting, only preparation. 🙂

  8. A marriage and a wedding are two different things. You don’t need to have a wedding to be married, if you want to have a wedding go ahead but if you’re happy like you are at the moment it’s okay.

  9. I’m destined to be neither the bridesmaid or the bride at this point in my life. No one I know is getting married and even if they were I’m not close enough friends with anyone to be a bridesmaid. That includes my sister.

  10. Glad you’re enjoying what you are doing and taking things step by step. Contrary to what people think after catching so many bouquets. P.S. you are beautiful in those dresses.

  11. I know the feeling. I graduated from being a bridesmaid to being the maid-of-honor already. However, still never the bride! Most likely I’m just too picky in the one I would like to settle down with and live out the rest of my years.

  12. I do enjoy weddings. It is such a special time not only for the bride and groom but for the family and friends of the wedding party. After reading your post I came to the realisation that I have never been a bridesmaid. Maybe I need new friends, haha!!

  13. I agree that is always fun to be the bridesmaid because it seems you had a great time. It looks fun, the wedding!

  14. You look beautiful in each of those situations. I love that you’ve cultivated such close friendships that you’ve had so many different opportunities. I had a similar but slightly different situation – I wasn’t even the bridesmaid, I was the band hahaha As a musician, I played many, many weddings before my own was even on the radar.

    Like you, I never had that ‘dream wedding’ but you can’t help but notice how many weddings you’re at for others in your age group/group of friends, right?

  15. When you least expect it you will find the man of your dreams and become a bride, no longer a bride’s maid. You have taken part in so many weddings! I’ve only been to one, haha.

  16. oh wow, youve attended so many great weddings, love all your photos and you are gorgeous. remember things happen when you are least expecting them haha :))) stay safe! its nice to have found your blog!

    1. I did and still do have wonderful friendships. Those that I’ve strongly bonded with. Not as many as before as I age though. Let’s get married when it feels right. 🖤

  17. Hold on, one day you’ll meet your Mr. Right too and you will no longer be a bridesmaid. Time will surely come that you’ll also walk the isle as a beautiful bride.

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