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Life is Bittersweet

Life is Bittersweet

Hey there!

Yes, I am still on self-therapy. With God still, yes. I cannot totally do it alone.

I’ve went through months of struggle with myself. And I have come to terms with some of my issues. The rest are still a work-in-progress. Hey, this is real life. Not a book or a movie.

So, one of the things that I did was to actually disconnect myself from social media. Well, not totally but a huge part of my day is not on it unless it is for work or business. And of course, for this blog!

I have actually deactivated my personal Facebook account and created a professional account instead. I have made my new account the new Admin for all of my Business Pages. And no, I do not post anything on that new account except for having a profile picture and a cover photo. As I have said, Social Media Has Gone Socially Toxic! I just want to keep myself away from all the negativity.

My life is more peaceful without Facebook.

Funny that it should come from me as I was very much addicted to it. I post almost everything that I do and so much selfies in my younger years. I treated it like a documentation of my life and like a diary. Because to be honest, I may have a good memory for things that I choose (like work), but I do lose memories of things that has happened to me or around me. Most of the time, it is a photo that reminds me of a certain event in the past.

My memory bank is very selective. Sadly, it can keep more of the bad experiences than the good ones.

So, as you can see, I do need to make some rewiring of my brain. Which I am actively doing now. To keep more of the good stuff than the bad ones, to spare my heart from so much heartaches of things that have already passed.

Acceptance is key. Yes, totally! And also doing something about our limitations, short-comings, wrong decisions, mistakes, missteps, and imbalanced perceptions. Action is crucial, if you really want a change in your life.

I’m still keeping my original FB Messenger though. I cannot totally disconnect from friends and family, of course. And I still do have a few on-going business deals.

So you may ask, why the need to deactivate? Because I don’t want to be on it anymore. I started an FB Account because a friend asked me to do so. It took me a while to follow suit, actually. Same with Instagram. But I don’t have a personal Instagram account anymore, I am only keeping my blog IG account.

The challenge here is extracting all of my photos and videos and figuring out where I can store all of them. Yes, I used Facebook as a photo and video dump site. It’s the smart thing to do since my laptop won’t be able to keep all of my files, and I don’t have any external storage that’s big enough as well. I might just get one. Or I’ll think of something. I have to. But I’ll deal with that later. Not really a life and death situation.

Having a selective memory is not bad at all, as long as you select your memory well as well. You may call it some kind of a re-programming where in I am doing away with thoughts that are not good to dwell on anymore. I am in the process of a thought-diet, if you will. I call it Remove, Reduce, or Replace Program.

How it works?

Remove memories, ideas, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and what-not that are not really healthy for you. If you cannot totally remove them, then maybe you can start by reducing the energy that you spend on such things. If even that is not possible, then replace them with the opposite or find an alternative that would be a lesser evil. Sounds easy, but no! Yet still doable with constant practice.

In this case, since I cannot totally remove Facebook from my life because of my businesses and connections, I deactivated my original account and kept Messenger instead. And I have reduced my exposure on it with the new account, which only has more or less 10 friends. I did not add people, they found the new one an added it, by the way. Plus, I don’t make any posts.

And you may ask, how will you keep up with the times if you don’t spend time on FB? We’ll, I have replaced it with Youtube (the only social media platform that I stay in). So, yes, I still do watch the news. And a lot of educational videos. I rarely read comments on YT. So, less exposure to the opinions of know-it-alls.

So, yeah, this is part of the struggles that I have been dealing with. And it is just a small percentage of my life-changing decisions right now. I am gearing towards a more calm and peaceful living. Away from unnecessary noises that will not help me anyway.

And lastly, my life is not all bitter. It’s bittersweet. I have a lot of things to look forward to now. I am going for personal growth, professional growth, and spiritual growth. We have to go through the process to progress. And no, nothing will and can stop me from making that choice. Not even its highs and lows.

I have just went through a dark and lonely phase, that I thought I would never get out of. After staying at such a low point, a quick elation came with the results of the solutions that I took for myself. I’ve felt elevated. From hopeless to hopeful, that quick!

So, whatever it is that you are going through right now, it will pass. Nothing is permanent in this world, but constant change. The world is evolving, you are evolving. Growth can sometimes taste bitter, but trust me, it has a very sweet aftertaste.

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18 thoughts on “Life is Bittersweet

    • I can relate to this. Social media is a great tool, but it can really mess your mental health if you aren’t carful.

      • I was once addicted to it. I am currently doing away with addictions of any form. As they say, too much of something, even if it is something good, is bad.

    • I love that you were able to do this. I only use Facebook for business purposes. Outside of that, I stay off of it. It’s one of the most toxic social media platforms, in my opinion.

    • We are all a word in progress. What’s good about your situation is that you are trying your best to improve yourself and overcome your challenges despite the fact that you are still struggling. As people say, let’s take it one step at a time.

    • I think social media has its own pros and cons. It’s really great to use it in moderation. Sometimes we tend to compete too much with other people. We should thrive to compete and improve ourselves instead. Also, social media detox from time to time is a must!

      • I totally agree with you. Social Media brings many pros when you manage it well. It has many cons too but just take it slow and I chose not to associate myself to toxic environment.

        I unfriended several FB connections due to their toxic contents! Not sorry at all.

    • It’s great to disconnect every now and then from social media. It can be to much as times, you have to take care of you first.

    • Self-therapy is sometimes really helpful for reviewing what is useful and effective in our lives and what is not. I am happy for your progress, every, even a small step is commendable. And of course I wish you much success in the future!

    • mental health is everything, social media might be very bad if you are not in a good place

    • I have been trying to cut back on social media. While I use it for my blog, I haven’t used it much for my personal life lately. It is tough seeing what other people do and not let it have a negative impact.

    • Social media is a great tool and a great way to stay connected but it can become a bit of a runaway train. I am glad to hear you are taking the path that is best for you.

    • Reading this reminded me of the movie Social Dilemma on Netflix. Social Media has definitely more disadvantages if we don’t have self-control and awareness. I wrote about this as well, and I salute you for being able to shut them down.

    • You’re doing great. You got this!

    • Overdose of Social Media can really drain and strain your mental health. Digital detox is so important nowadys. I try to do it often.

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