It’s Healthy To Have A Big Heart And A Fat Soul

Sunday Discipleship Group
Sunday Discipleship Group
Sunday Discipleship Group
We are never complete. But we try to be anyway.

Meet my DGroup from Christ’s Commission Fellowship Church.

We meet up after service and talk about our lives and our experiences based on the verses from The Bible. This is how we get to know each other on a deeper level. We are a support group for our souls. We are not perfect, please don’t expect that from us. But we are trying to be better people every day. And Sundays remind us of that every time. The Church welcomes everyone! The weak, the tired, the broken, and any sinner who wants to make things right with God. I pray that everyone gets the kind of support that truly matters in life.

Fat Dois: “In Cheese We Trust”

Fat Dois

After the meeting, a few of us decided to find a place to eat something. I was thinking a simple snack, but we ended up literally going around Parkmall looking for the perfect spot to play Mobile Legends. I mean 360 degrees turn, yes. We even spiraled upwards to the 2nd Floor. And then, we came face to face with Fat Dois! A restaurant that serves Korean dishes with it’s not-so-secret ingredient: CHEESE OVERLOAD!

Spicy Noodles with Spam and Cheese

Spicy Noodles with Spam and Cheese

I am not a fan of Japanese Ramen, but I am definitely a die-hard for Korean Ramen. Not to offend anyone, but it’s just preference, My Friend. Have you ever tried a noodle soup with melted cheese? This is it! It came with Spam, egg, and some veggies, too! The serving at 189 pesos is already good for 3 people! That is actually a very large pot right there!

Spicy Noodles with Spam and Cheese
Just to reiterate the gigantic size of the noodle serving.

One of the best parts, is that the pitcher of iced tea is only 60 pesos! This place will definitely give you value for your money.

Cheese Ribs

Cheese Ribs

And their best-seller? Their Cheese Ribs at only 259 pesos! Cook it over the fire and melt that cheese to your heart’s content! And it’s super yum! Soft, juicy, and yes, cheesy! A melts-in-your-mouth experience!

At Fat Dois with Sandz and Yme.
At Fat Dois with Sandz and Yme.

The place is photo-worthy as well. Most especially at dusk. Meet Sandz and Yme, my eating buddies then. We were only able to play 1 game of Mobile Legends there, as they did not have Free WIFI plus our food came quickly. Which is another plus for me, by the way.

Fat Dois

Fat Dois may have made me fat with laughter and smiles then. Their food choices are great, satisfying, and really easy on the pocket. You will definitely get more than your money’s worth. I shall go back to try their other dishes. Plus you get free Mentos when you ask for your bill. They will make you feel fresh before leaving.


We were blessed to have gotten there earlier than 6PM because when they started pulling the blinds up, there is already a very long waiting list outside. Don’t worry about getting fat if it’s your heart and soul that grows large in size. How fat do you get every Sunday?

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  1. Blair villanueva

    Those foods looks good and with that price, that is really cheap. Those noodles are perfect during rainy season.

  2. Travel Momma

    Wow! A sister in Christ. Feeding your body with an earthly food is extra special specially when you do it in time you have a DGroup. Hope to have a session with you when I visit Cebu. Anyway, food is very enticing. Arggggh! I crave.

  3. emidiv24

    I liiike spicy, I like spicy noodles and like cheese, so yummy, I am going to cook this tonight. Thank you for sharing this and the awesome tip, was thinking about what to eat.

  4. Georgia

    A day spent with good friends and good food definitely fattens our soul! Enjoying our days doing things that make us happy is the most important.

  5. World In Eyes

    Love to e-meet your great and lovely DGroup. Your noodle soup looks yummy delicious. Most important is the tasty, delicious and good food choices with easy on the pocket.

  6. Claudia Blanton

    fellowship and food, what a great combination! I am not Christian, but any faith community that I have ever been a part of had some kind of food involvement, and those were my most fondest memories of them, for sure! Blessings!

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Those cheesy ribs are to die for! What an awesome place to dine and meet up with friends. I don’t know if they have a branch here in Quezon City. Hopefully they have one nearby.

  8. Ewa

    It’s good to have a big heart and fat soul and a great discussion group like yours. It’s nice to meet people who see the world similarly, can exchange their experiences and have delicious food in the background. I wish you all the best 🙂

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