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It’s Better Leyte Than Never To Visit Cuatro Islas

It’s Better Leyte Than Never To Visit Cuatro Islas

Here is another Enhanced Community Quarantine entry! I’ve just missed Summer 2020 and so, I’ve decided to have a look back on my notable travels around the Philippine waters. Today, let me take you to the beautiful islands that are surrounding The Municipality of Leyte!

Napantau Island

Napantau Island

But before going to the the 4 wonderful islands that I wish to bring you to, let me introduce Napantau Island. The waters are so clear that even if I was snorkeling above that very deep area, I can still see the gorgeous corals and the various schools of colorful fish, of all shapes and sizes, beneath. I hope that the government can preserve these untouched waters. It’s a diving spot actually, but I don’t dive. I’m too scared to try! And oh! If you’ve read my surfing article, Surfing Lessons, you’d know that I can’t swim. So, the vest! This tour was made possible via Peter’s Dive Resort.

All right! Let’s start the journey to Cuatro Islas! We did this on another day of course. We started off from Inopacan, Leyte. If I remember correctly, it was a 30-minute boat ride going to the area where these 4 marvelous islands are hidden. Or maybe the boat ride duration would depend on which island you’d like to visit first.

Meet the islands called Digyo, Mahaba, Himokilan and Apid, collectively known as Cuatro Islas, via my photos below.

Wait! I’ll be totally honest, I don’t know which photos goes to which island anymore, because this was a trip that I had either on the year 2014 or 2015. If you can help me with the match-making, I’d love to hear them on the comments section below and then I’ll update my post accordingly. I’m not even sure if I have all four in these photos. You see, my iPhone died on me one day because of its battery issue. I had it fixed in Singapore, but I’ve lost all of my files in saving the unit. All of my memorable photos, gone! Glad that I use Facebook as a photo dump site, so I get to keep a few good shots.

I believe this was the Island of Mahaba

Island of Mahaba
Island of Mahaba
Enjoy a bottle of beer while on your floaters and chit-chatting with a friend.
Cheers to the good life! Just dispose off your bottles properly, please.
Even if you go upside-down, this place will remain heavenly.
Snorkeling is a sport around here.
No goggles? No problem! I just had my shades on underwater.

Maybe this was Digyo Island?

Digyo Island
Digyo Island
This was definitely Digyo Island.
Hi, I’m Eve! I’m looking for Adam.
My friends brought Kayak with us. So much fun!
Let me just laugh at my failed memory and lost photos of what would have been a wonderful trip.

Realizing that I can’t write much because I can’t exactly remember which is which anymore, so I’ve decided to plan another visit to Cuatro Islas. Jotting that down on my planner today. This time, I’ll make sure that I keep copies of all my travel captures.

Let this end as a photo blog for now. Let’s keep it short and sweet.

I’ll write you something good next time! I still do hope that you were able to enjoy what’s left of my memories both digital and mental.

What’s one of your most memorable water trips?

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