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It All Started With A Logo

It All Started With A Logo

How did CA ~ Create Attention start? Yes, with its logo. Woke up on a Sunday wanting to finish up the logo that I was playing around with on a Saturday, September 28, 2019. Had nothing to write about yet at that time, not until I decided to get out of the house to do my laundry. And waiting for it would mean having to stay at a cafe for both lunch and dinner. I got help from a good friend, Cha Esper, who became my QC for my finished design. She is the very person who has encouraged me to start blogging while the rest of my friends are pushing me towards vlogging. But that’s going to be a different story.


If you would like to check my sample vlogs out, please visit my personal Facebook Account: Christy Angeli or go straight to my CA Vlogs album. On Grid View you will only find 18 videos. But you will see all 21 videos on Feed View, and I really have no idea why that is so. These are mobile view versions that I have made for fun, so don’t expect too much out of them for now.

I also made a few blog vlogs on my CA ~ Create Attention album along with my blog photos. I was thinking of giving something like an audio-books feels to my articles. Let me know what you think on the comments section below each one.

I also have a Youtube Channel and I was only able to upload 1 video at the moment. I have plans of adding more clips sooner or later, but I really need to plan everything out first. Check the video below and if you’d like, you may go ahead and click the Subscribe button. I would really appreciate the support. And I’d like to thank you as early as now.

It all started with my very first logo. 🖤

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