I CAn Rule The World In 2020

I CAn Rule The World In 2020

CoViD-19 ain’t so bad. It has made me look back in the year that has passed and how fast this year is going from the very beginning. Although right now, the world seems to be at a pause. For a good cause. But There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us, so we can get through this together though apart.

Looking back, before 2019, I used to list down all the things that I’ve wanted for myself, as well as each and every thing that I am grateful for. And then, I didn’t even realize that, I’ve stopped doing so. And so, I’ve created 20 rules for a better me in 2020.

CA Rules for 2020:

Rule 1
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5
Rule 6
Rule 7
Rule 8
Rule 9
Rule 10
Rule 11
Rule 12
Rule 13
Rule 14
Rule 15
Rule 16
Rule 17
Rule 18
Rule 19
Rule 20

I was able to create this list from all of my experiences, which of course includes all of my mistakes. Realigning my life to all of the good things that the Universe has to offer, would of course include correcting the error of my ways. If not, at least not having a repeat.

These are the rules that I will strictly live by. I will have this post to look into, for every decision that I’ll be making. They may change next year, let’s see. But for now, these are the things that will lead to a better me.

Pin 1
Rules 1/2
Pin 2
Rules 2/2

What are your own rules for 2020?

Update: I am seriously following through all of them right now. Although, I had to delay my workouts for a month. I have to make sure that my body becomes well adjusted to the changes that clean eating brings first. After this is over and I can finally be mobile again, I will start all my plans of giving back to the world. It’s my way of expressing gratitude for good health and providence during these trying times.

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103 thoughts on “I CAn Rule The World In 2020

  1. This is a great perspective. I’ve also learned plenty about myself during lockdown, it’s not all bad!

  2. These are really good rules. One of my best friends has been very negative through this. I get it. She’s scared and it’s getting to her and of course I’m there for her. But despite being glass half empty most of the time I’m trying really hard to see the good because I don’t want to drown in my grief.

    1. I’m glad that you’re still there for your friend. She needs you the most now. But, also do what’s best for you. Take a breather if need be.

  3. These are some great tips! I need to start working out again just for the sake of my mental health. We are literally all in this together!!

  4. This is a really good list. We really do have to surround ourselves in positive energy in order be positive people.

  5. Great goals for the year! Make 2020 yours 🙂 As for the books, I found “Mindset The new Psychology of Success – How We Can Learn to Fulfill our Potential” on Amazon as recommended by a fellow blogger and I would totally re-recommend it! Very inspirational with actionable items to live your best life.

  6. Love rule #9, feed your soul. I just launched a newsletter where I send out weekly issues trying to get a little better by learning something new each week. That’s what feeds my soul. =)

  7. Yes. These are great rules for living successfully and leading a purpose filled life. I like the idea of speaking to positive people and taking baths everyday. I just finished a nice Cinco De Mayo style workout which was fulfilling and fun. I can’t claim the eating healthy part but I don’t eat lunch or eat after 6PM so I guess I eat a bit less than I used to.

    1. Thank you! I just started my workout this morning. It was a struggle. But I’ll keep at it ‘til the routines reps becomes achievable for me.

    1. I always start small. I take it one bite-size at a time. I can achieve things when I put my mind into it. I need to commit to all 20 this year. Let’s see. 🖤

  8. much inspiring blog……all of the mentioned tips and ideas are just amazing……thanks for sharing these…. they are so motivating

  9. I agree with everything that you said most especially about talking to positive people who will uplift you. No use talking to negative people, they will only drain you.

  10. I love this post. It’s very inspirational. I started a new business this year and it’s actually doing really well. There is always something inspirational during hard times. There is always light in the darkness if you look for it.

  11. I love the portion which states “do what makes you happy” and not hurting anyone else is an awesome piece of advice, we need to be considerate of this fact always. Thank you for sharing.

  12. These are beautiful goals! It really does make such a difference who we choose to spend our time with and I have definitely found it to be the best way to stay focused and moving forward. I hope all your dreams come true for you as you work on these goals in 2020!

  13. I’d love to rule the world in 2020, but so far it rules over me during the pandemic time. I hope your tips will help me to change my attitude! 🙂

  14. I have really enjoyed this “time out”. It has been nice to take a step back from life and really reflect on myself. I love the rules that you came up with. I think it would be a better world if every one lived by each of them!

  15. These are beautiful! This really is a perfect time for reflection, and I am happy that you took the time time write down your 2020 rules. Truly more people should be doing this.

  16. I think that this quarantine is affecting everyone in a different way and there is definitely need for some positivity in our lives at the moment. Unfortunately the virus has killed so many people so far, but at least what we can do is be responsible and follow the guidance of the authorities. The sooner we all comply, the sooner we will defeat this threat.

    1. Yes, I agree. I was quite down a few weeks back. But I’ve realized that I can always choose my thoughts and reactions. And so, I’ve decided to create a list of personal development goals and commit to them. I remaining months of this year to achieve each. 🖤

  17. I really agree that every one of these rules is so beneficial and necessary! I wholeheartedly believe in exercise and eating whole, healthy real foods. I believe if more people put good things into their body, their lives could completely change!

  18. Irrespective of this covid-19 issue, I still believe 2020 is going to be an amazing well. I’m working on myself and not let things happening around the world to distract me.