How Much Awareness Does It Take To Have A Zero-Waste Store In Cebu, Philippines

How Much Awareness Does It Take To Have A Zero-Waste Store In Cebu, Philippines

Amgu Zero-Waste Store
Betty’s Apartment, Queen’s Road, Kamputhaw, Cebu City, 6000

Amgu is a Cebuano word that will equal “awareness” or “realization”. Either way, it’s about us learning more about something. And Amgu is a Zero-Waste store situated at Betty’s Apartment, Queen’s Road, Kamputhaw, Cebu City, 6000.

Personal Care Shelves
Personal Care Shelves

Why Amgu?

Because the advocacy of the owners is to spread awareness on the worsening waste situation that the world has arrived at. It’s about time for everyone to realize the need to make necessary changes in the type of lifestyles that we have been accustomed to. Yes, we are living in the modern times, but the modern world need not be a damaged one. Do you get my drift? According to one of the owners, Rangi Jory Madarang, she is not only concerned about her own future but the future of her children as well.

More Products
More Products

Surprisingly, there are so many products that are being manufactured to help alleviate the problems that we have created for Mother Earth now, since the idea of convenience was born. For Rangi, living with less-waste saves the future generations. In her own words: “Mother Earth is indestructible — she has a way of healing herself. We need to save us! We spend too much on convenience not knowing that it’s slowly killing us. If we don’t act now what do you think will our future be?”

Have we ever thought about the consequences of our actions now and how it’ll come back to us later on?

You Reap What You Sow, remember that.

Condiments and more...
Condiments and more…

So if we ditch single-use plastic, or reduce the use and consumption of it, then we’d have made a very good choice for a lifetime, right? Finally here’s a store that encourages everyone to come and use their glass bottles at home, to refill it with condiments and food ingredients that we highly consume in a day to day basis. In the absence of refillable bottles, they’ll pack your purchases in brown paper bags. They even have coffee beans from Benguet for us coffee lovers! We can now help heal the Earth with every cup that we will enjoy.

Certificates, an Article, and an Earth Saving Booklet
Certificates, an Article, and an Earth Saving Booklet

Amgu has been given Certificates of Appreciation for its existing purpose.

They have caught the attention of the media which made them appear on write ups and on television. And yours truly made a personal vlog featuring the store at its early stage last year, and now, we are creating more attention to them here, too. Businesses that offer solutions to world problems deserve all the attention and support that they can get. Go and check out the booklet that states 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth!

Words of no waste
Words of no waste

Waste management is indeed one of the wisest endeavor one can make. Maybe we can start hanging words of Earth-Saving wisdom on our walls from now onwards, to remind us to make the best daily choices and decisions that will include having Mother Nature in mind. Imagine the huge difference this will do in the long run!

More Products for Less Waste
More Products for Less Waste

Who says you can’t buy more stuff and not have less waste?

At Amgu, you can buy anything that you want and need minus the guilt of additional garbage for the world to worry about.

To reduce plastic waste from toiletries, there are shampoo and conditioner bars wrapped in paper for you. They have various types of facial and body bar soaps to choose from as well. They even have feminine hygiene bar soaps for us women. Speaking of us women, they have washable alternatives to our facial cotton wipes and sanitary pads.

And there are plenty of Earth-Friendly items at the store that will help you become a responsible citizen of the world. So go, and check them out for yourselves.

Environment Friendly Cutlery Set
Environment Friendly Cutlery Set

Amgu has a lot of items that are made of wood or bamboo. Now, you may eat a guilt-free meal at all times with their cutlery set. It’s only 250 pesos by the way!

Take care of yourself and the Earth
Take care of yourself and the Earth

So why not take care of yourself while taking care of the Earth at the same time? We have to take care of our homes, because it is where we live, right? The Earth is our home, and the home of the future kids and their kids. Never forget that!

I’ll leave you with Amgu’s parting statement:

“My advocacy is to help every individual in having a commitment to living with less-waste, to educate more that there are alternatives to what we call ‘single-use’ products, DIY or making your own is more cost-effective and that supporting local products and small businesses is better than going to big store chains. — You can always talk to me on how to start your journey, just one single step and the next ones will be easy. Trust me and most of all trust yourself that you can do it!” ~ Rangi Jory Madarang

Contact Amgu
Contact Amgu

If you have inquiries and want to learn more about Amgu, go ahead and reach them through the numbers that appear on the photo above: (032) 383 4900 or 0995 742 4272.

Zero-Waste Store

So, what would you change about your lifestyle today? Share your thoughts below.

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55 thoughts on “How Much Awareness Does It Take To Have A Zero-Waste Store In Cebu, Philippines

  1. Wow it’s so nice to see this zero waste store in Cebu! It was year 2018 when I started using organic and environment-healthy products to help Mother Earth. Up until today, I still look for ways on how I can live with less waste 🙂

  2. What an amazing thing they did the necessary work to put this all together. May we all find inspiration from our own homes to do this same thing.

  3. I love this store SO much! I wish it had places all over the world. I think if more people knew how easy it was to live waste-free they would do it. Convenience always comes at a price. I will make better decisions about the waste I create in my own home.

  4. Great tips and insights! We really need to choose recycled products now and keep mother nature safe. Thanks for sharing it with us

  5. I am actually bothered by the first pic. Did they cut the tree for that signage? Or just for awareness? or what? I love the products though, especially the bottled jars for condiments. It’s a beautiful idea to fill your home with zero-waste products like these ones. Soon. 🙂

  6. I love everything about this! We live in a world where we have a better understanding than ever about the impact that we have on the world that we live in, and yet too few people are making the shifts necessary in their own lives to do anything about it. A store like this makes environmentally responsible products easily available while also helping to educate those who may not be fully aware.

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  14. What she said about convenience killing us is one of the greatest things I’ve read today! I absolutely agree. To Americans, having a store that produces absolutely no waste would be a challenge. Unfortunately we live in a pretty wasteful society, but I think a lot are trying to improve (I hope!).

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