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High Coffee

High Coffee

After planting 6-7 trees, and burning a lot of calories while at it, we had lunch that was more of carbo-loading though also kinda healthy because of all the greens on top of our choices. Got in time for their promo of the Php99/bowl of Warm Udon Noodles + their Garden Pizza with additional 5% discount from our total bill, only at Lima Restaurant in Rumah Highlands Hotel! Talk about getting a good deal after a good deed! For me, the star of the Udon Noodles would be the seaweeds. And for the Garden Pizza, I’d have to say that I’ve enjoyed the parmesan cheese and the pesto sauce the most. Oh, I liked the crunchy crust and the areas of it that’s a little burnt, too.

And since the restaurant is on the 9th Floor, we got a very good view of the entire City below. The clouds in the sky looked like a masterpiece that day.

After lunch, our bodies looked for… what else?! Coffee! ☕️ 

Meet our sexy Barista: Owner Kaye Homecillo of Third Wave Coffee Cebu! They are at the 2nd Floor of Rumah Highlands Hotel! Talk about coffee with a view!

Oh, by the way, see those boards and boxes behind her?

Yes! You can play some games at their cafe for free. I had the Flat White while Cha had a Cappuccino that she enjoyed very much. This cafe is worth the trip to Uphill Cebu.

The cafe has a modern wooden look that has a rustic feel to it.

It has the most basic of colors which I really like. It feels homey and comfy. And then on your left (if you’re facing the cafe bar) would be the pool side view. There’s plenty of natural light that gets in, and that is one of the best parts of the entire experience.

To have people in your life who support what you wanna do and encourage you to become who you want to be (in this case, my passion for blogging), is the greatest blessing that you can have. Growth comes from nurture. And it must be mutual.

Some of the Photo Credits go to:

Kaye Homecillo of Third Wave Coffee Cebu
And Cha Esper of littlemisadvencha.com

I am and will forever be a coffee-lover, I doubt that anything in this lifetime will ever change that. I’m very much in love with the aroma and the taste that every cup of coffee brings. And most importantly, the effects that caffeine has on my body. It keeps me alive every single day.

One of the key take aways that I’d like to impart is that the only way that we can be successful in life, is if we support a friend in becoming successful at what they do. Genuine encouragement keeps the fire burning in your heart, no matter the obstacles that you might be facing along the way. And I’d like to show my support for Kaye and her new business. By the way, they are still on their soft opening since October 12, 2019. I was invited then however, due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to go. And so, here I am bringing a friend along!

Cha, as I have mentioned so many times, is one of the most supportive friends you can have. Cheers to friendships that boosts your morale!

Why not grab a cup of coffee with your Dearest Friends right now and play catch up? Learn what they are into and please, be their source of encouragement in a world full of highs and lows. So who would you be calling for a coffee chat soon?

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