Experience A Whole New World In Uphill Cebu

Uphill Cebu Tour

Tourists flock the different locations of an Uphill Cebu Tour, while I’ve never been. As a Cebuana, I’ve decided to go for the experience first-hand. So Aimer and I finally played tourists in our own hometown the day after Christmas 2019. We used her SUV and hired a driver for 8 hours. We stayed at Yello Hotel, so the Torii Gates photo ops were inevitable.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

First stop? West 35 Eco Mountain Resort! Nothing more calming than seeing a lot of greens around you. Plus breathing in fresh air is a bonus.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

It is easy to spot photo-worthy scenes in the area. The hanging bridge is actually for kids. But they do allow grown-ups on it as long as it is crossed one person at a time. Safety should always come first.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

The Christmas feels was strong! They really made the effort of putting up sparkly lights and fancy decors everywhere!

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

Their Christmas Tree was a real pine tree and it was so pretty! The colors were all well put-together.

Haven Cafe

Haven Cafe

We had our lunch at Haven Cafe and the view was so amazing. Camera-worthy angles are everywhere!

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

The activities at West 35 are for the entire family. One can go on the zipline. There’s also the kid’s play area. Mostly, you have the view to enjoy. And of course, there is Haven Cafe if you ever get hungry.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

I just had to show you their restroom with a view. You’d enjoy it during the daytime for sure. I’m afraid that it might be a scary scene at night. But, I’ve never tried, so don’t take my word for it yet.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

Enjoying and experiencing the beauty of nature will always be the best part of being here, for me.

The Viewing Deck

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

The Viewing Deck is amazing! Most especially, if you’ll have it all for yourself. It’s quite liberating.

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West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

21Km Coffee

21Km Coffee

Coffee will never be out of any agenda. It will always be a part of who I am and who I’m going to be. We just had to chill at 21Km Coffee. As they say, “It takes 21 Km to have a good cup of coffee.”

21Km Coffee

The view at the back is gorgeous. It’s a quaint cafe up in the mountains. Love their coffee with art. I can actually sip a cup without totally destroying the design. It just gradually disappears with every sip. I’d like to call it “the art of sipping coffee art”.

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Enjoy An Uphill Cebu Tour



And of course, we also had to check the #CebuLittleAmsterdam that is Sirao Garden. And to see what the fuss was all about.


There are a lot of photo-worthy spots. The challenge is getting a good shot with all the people around.


One need not worry, if the friend that you are with knows timing and angles for great shots.

Sirao Gardens

The great uplifted hands are from Sirao Garden. But the rest of the photos from here on out are from Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

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Sirao Gardens

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

So, there are 2 Sirao Gardens to choose from. I’ve heard the owners are siblings. Sirao Garden #CebuLittleAmsterdam charges 100 pesos for entrance fee, while Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site charges only 60 pesos.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

I love the Asian and nature feels that Sirao PGCS brings. The photo possibilities that you can do are infinite.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

I am showing different angles and poses for the same area, just to feature the photo opportunities that one can enjoy at the site.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

The area is jam-packed with people, so the ability and skills of your photographer really matters.

Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site.

Overall, we enjoyed picking spots and taking shots. Regardless of the rainy weather that day. Warning: It can get muddy so wearing your white shoes like I did is risky. If you want good photos from Cebu to remember by, I strongly suggest an Uphill Tour.

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Sirao Pictorial Garden And Camp Site

It’s good to know and experience what you already have in your own locality before you start exploring another world elsewhere. Would you also like to play tourist in your own hometown? Share your itinerary!

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  1. Taylor oldman

    I lived in Cebu for five years a long time ago when the place was not geared up for tourism. How delightful it is for me to revisit Cebu via your post and images.

  2. Cristina Petrini

    When the beauty of the photos hits straight to the heart and makes you travel to discover incredibly beautiful places.

  3. bigzubi

    The Cebu greenery is really lush and inviting. You girls had a great time judging by the lovely smiles on your faces. The beautiful pictures sparked my interest in your home town.

  4. julseliz

    The resort looks fabulous and so fresh and green. I would love to walk across that wooden step bridge. Such great pictures of this wonderful place.

  5. Priya

    What a beautiful place Cebu is. It is so scenic and looks like a perfect place to rest and relax. I would certainly like to visit it but I will not be wearing white shoes!

  6. littlemisadvencha

    These spots are really one of the sought-after places by tourists in Cebu. It’s indeed a great advice to have a photographer companion when you visit these places, you don’t want to miss the chance! haha. I am curious about that 21km coffee, is their coffee worth the 21km? haha.

  7. travellingalle

    This place looks amazing! Thank you for the photos. Incidentally, with quarantine going on, the idea of “playing tourist” in one’s own town or even neighborhood is something that would work well to keep people occupied. Great suggestion!

  8. Amanda

    I had never even heard of Cebu before reading this post, but now I feel lile I need to add it to my travel bucket list!

  9. World In Eyes

    Your Uphill Cebu Tour seems you enjoyed a lot. The points including West 35 Eco Mountain Resort and 2 Sirao Gardens look so beautiful. As usual, your photo clicks are beautiful..

  10. Aditinona

    This seems like one Instagram worthy location, so much to see, so much to do. Your pictures almost gave a virtual tour of the place and enticed me so much.

  11. World In Eyes

    I have not visited Philippine; but I have come to know some information from your blogs and some from my executive director (he did his MBA from Philippine) that Cebu is second major and one of the most interesting cities of Philippine. There so many spots are attractive for tourists like Museo Sugbo. Heritage of Cebu Monument, Sirao Flower Farm, Temple of Leah, Taoist Temple and many others. Thanks for sharing this new world in uphill cebu.

  12. Nyxinked

    I have to admit I’m nervous to go travelling again after all this, but I would love to visit so many of the places you blog about. They’re so far from anything I’ve ever seen in person before.

  13. Loise Pugeda

    Been there in Cebu and we visited a lot of places. Sadly I wasn’t able to visit the Sirao Garden and now that I saw your pictures I will definitely go back to Cebu!

  14. Marie

    This is like the perfect blend of city meets country! There is so much to see and do there. And it is all so beautiful. It would be awesome to get there someday. 🙂

  15. successunscrambled

    Wow!! What an amazing location! It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland or even a mini version of Disney World. I’m glad you got the chance to be a tourist in your own local area.

  16. Jen Walker

    The hanging bridge photos in particular are really fun! I live in the dry desert so I’m really taken by all the green!

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