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Exhaustion Precaution: Measures to take before it’s too late

Exhaustion Precaution: Measures to take before it’s too late


“Train yourself on pain management.”


Bad vibes. Nobody wants them. Exactly because it’s too heavy a load. It sits at your core and spreads like a cancer to your whole being. It’s very draining. And the sad part is that it’s more contagious than any virus. This is why we keep things to ourselves. To avoid passing the burden unto somebody else. But… isn’t this also why the load gets harder to carry? Because we don’t share it with anybody else? Now, this only applies if you have someone that you trust enough to share the weight with.

As they say, pain is inevitable.

And problems are meant to be solved. You have a good head on your shoulders, which was placed over your heart. Meaning, you have to be a rational and not just an emotional being on Earth. Choices are placed before you at any given time. Nobody wants to be sad. No one wants troubles or issues. Who, in their right mind, would choose conflicts? But, they are a part of life. And if you get hurt, it means that you are still very much alive.

It can get tiring, yes. It can drain you, yes. But what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. So, train. Train yourself on pain management. Easier said than done, I know. But it ain’t impossible either.


“Let all unnecessary emotions go.”


We do not have to carry everything with us. Choose your load. Make wise decisions. Only bring what you can take. And if it gets hard, take some time off. Put your baggage aside, and take time to relax. Breathe. Look away. Look the other way. Focus on something else. Do something that will give you the freedom from your load, even for just a moment. Recharge!

All around us is energy.

All about us is energy. Take care of the energy that you allow inside. Be mindful of the energy that you exhaust towards your surroundings. Garbage in, garbage out. Make sure to allow thoughts that will nourish you and help you grow. Most importantly, you have to train your brain to be on top of your game. You have to play with the cards that you are dealt with. And there is no point comparing, because we get different cards from the deck.

Choose your thoughts. And choose the feelings that gets to you. You can choose your behavior. Then choose your plan of action. As much as possible, always choose your moves with wisdom. We all make mistakes, but isn’t that how we learn? And isn’t it in learning that we become better people? Maturity, is what they call it.


“Just keep smiling.”


Oh, life has been hard on me. Since day 1, starting from the memory that I can remember. But, I’ve always had a smile on my face. No, it was not a fake smile. It just comes in different forms.

I have had the innocent smile. The smile that comes with seeing the good in people. I have had the genuine smile of happiness. Because not everything in life was and is bad. I have had the smile from love. The one that automatically curves your mouth with sparkle in your eyes. I have had the smile of triumph. There were wins before my losses. I have had the smile and laugh of deep-rooted friendships. Some ships may have sank now, but I am still being blessed with a few new bonds this time around. I have had the smile of realizing the beauty of life. Of how much strength a heart can hold no matter the weather.

Today, I am choosing to still keep a smile on my face.

Despite emergency cases. In spite of heartbreaks. Beyond tragedies. Over disappointments. Against my struggles. While lifting the weight on my shoulders. I smile because, I am still alive. I am still strong. And I am still standing.

No matter what it is that you are carrying right now. Manage the pain, by putting your luggage down. Take as much time as you need, ’til you can carry it again. Or better yet, get a trolly and just drag it around with you. Just gather all the energy that you need to keep moving. If it means staying in bed for a long time, so be it. Just get up again, when you start waking up one day with a smile because the sun shines on your face. And what you’ll see ahead is nothing but a lovely day. Live. Love. Laugh! And never underestimate the magic of a sigh of relief.

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