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Energy Transmutation

Energy Transmutation

Meet My Sachi Baby Boy

I’ve gained weight, because I have a allowed it.

I gave myself permission to eat whatever it was that I wanted. Those food types that I have already learned that were not good for me if unregulated. So I have been preparing myself for another journey of weight-loss. And this time, I am going for Intermittent Fasting 16:8. So far, so good. Though as always, I give myself cheat days which falls on the weekends. Again. I am not a believer of depriving one’s self of some of the good things in life. Those good stuff that can be all right every once in a while, that is.

I was stress eating.

I gave in. It was during a transition period and yet another transition period came after. I am so used to adjustments that I can live with so many consecutive and simultaneous changes. And just because I can adapt, did not mean that they came without complaints or any resistance. They all did. Human, as I am, changes do not come easy. Don’t get me wrong, these all came by choice. So, yes, I have already tested my level of resiliency and ability to bounce-back. I am a weak and a strong person at the same time. And I thank God for that. I am currently calibrating myself to achieve balance. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll keep working on it.

Sachi is always asking for attention.

So, right now, I am fully independent.

I am self-employed. And I am now a saver, investor, and an entrepreneur all wrapped up into one. I have finally decided to fully utilize my Real Estate Broker License in full. I have joined a Realty Firm as one of its Unit Managers. It’s not an employee-employer relationship. It’s more of a partnership in an organization. I am currently building my team and it does not come without any challenges. But since I have made my decision, I have placed my commitment in this head on. I’m ready. Adjustments will just have to be made along the way. Even if I am already focused on this, I still have a lot of things going on for me.

I am now also a Financial Educator, and educating myself at the same time.

Learning is a never ending process, so I’ll keep studying. Financial Management is not something that is intrinsic in me. I was a spender. It’s a force of habit. But becoming self-employed has opened my eyes to the need of correcting my past mistakes on my finances and really take the right steps towards Financial Freedom. When I say freedom, I meant having less worries about money matters. Wealth has to be built over time. Progress, no matter how small or slow, is crucial. And I still have my other side hustles as well. The goal is increasing Cash Flow, first and foremost. And the reduction of unnecessary expenses came easier this time around.

I love looking over the city at anytime of the day.

I’ve lost my foresight and I am now gaining it back.

I’ve lost my dreams, and now I can see them clearly. My life map is not fully laid out yet, but I am developing it daily. The path to self-employment is not easy, most especially when you have just started and at such a time as the pandemic. But life was never easy for me anyways. So, what difference does it make? The big difference is, I don’t have to force myself to get up every morning to a job that I don’t like. I don’t have to deal with a boss that I cannot agree with, management-wise. I’ve had a few great bosses, and they have instilled so much in me, that I cannot stand a boss that is not at par with them. Maybe that is my problem, and so I am solving it my way.

I am my own boss now.

And since I dream of becoming a mentor, I am doing my very best to learn more every single day. And every day I realize that I don’t want to be a boss. I want to be a Great Manager. I want to become the best steward of all the opportunities that God has blessed me with. And God-willing, I can be a good Leader someday. In my heart, I know, that I want to help people who are just like me. I want to become the person that I’ve always needed, a guide. I want to tell people that there is hope, as long as they are still alive. And that they can still correct all of their mistakes. They just have to make that decision to do so.

Me and my Morning Flat White

My greatest asset right now, is time.

More than anything, I can now fully manage my time well. Time is also my best friend. It tells me what I have wasted and tells me that I can still do so much. I get to enjoy and relax my mind more often now. I get to clear my head, and so it also makes what I really want in life clear. Maybe the very reason why employment never worked for me, was the fact that it was not what I really wanted. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a business woman during my high school days. And by that, I meant owning my own company someday. I’ve succumbed to employment because of the security that a monthly paycheck brings. But with that security came insecurities of becoming an Entrepreneur. A lot of my business ventures in the past did not end well. And I’ve lost money over time. But getting employment felt like a cycle that will never end. Like a rat race that I’ll never get off from until I become the person that I’m meant to be.

Hey! I’m living the dream now.

But sometimes, it can feel like a nightmare. Just a reality check, Self-employment and Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses. It can sometimes be a bed of thorns. And it is always hard in the beginning. But you will learn a lot. It’s also a roller-coaster ride, so you have to be prepared for the highs and the lows. And just like a roller-coaster ride, you have to hold on the whole journey. Scream if you need to, but always do your best to enjoy the entire ride. And always have the end in mind.

Self Reflect

You may be asking, where is the Energy Transmutation here?

It’s the whole thing. I have learned to transmute my stresses to a more productive activity. And have learned to transmute my worries into actions of solutions instead. I have learned to transmute my anger into loving what and who I currently have in my life. Yes, that includes Sachi. Also learned to transmute my negative thoughts and feelings into having a clear head and a peaceful heart with every prayer that they cause.

I have learned to recognize my own weaknesses and bad habits and do something to make improvements where I could. Now giving myself the time to heal, learn, train, and prepare for the life that I’ve always prayed for. God has not answered my prayers when I was not ready for them. I hope that you’d also realize the same. Whenever you question the answers to your prayers, it may not be a “no” but just a “not-yet”. So, get ready!

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”

Luke 16:10

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