Emotional Uncertainties

Emotional Uncertainties

Poem Body
From The Inside Looking Out

Everything that you have said
Are all stored up in my head
And as I’ve checked the chart
They’re also hidden in my heart
You needed me to seal the bond
But I could never respond
We were never steady
Because I was never ready
And since you could no longer wait
You have finally chosen a different fate
And if I do become prepared
You would’ve not cared
For it is now too late
You’ve already closed the gate

~ Christy Angeli Wilhoit ~

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31 thoughts on “Emotional Uncertainties

  1. You have put the current situation into very nice words with this poem. However, a shut door should always be seen as an opportunity: to learn, to discover something else, to evolve.

  2. New opportunities are on the horizon but I feel your pain. It’s hard when something ends but you need to feel those feelings and not be to hard on yourself. Then you get back up and dust yourself off!

  3. I love the imagery in your writing. I really felt the emotions as if you were locked inside unable to get out. Loved it!!!

  4. emotional uncertainties can leave us stressed, drained and powerless. by default, when we are stressed, our brains will make it more difficult day by day thru meditating on what causes the stresses. that’s why learning how to manage it rationally and effectively is an important skill..

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