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Embracing The New Normal In Style

Embracing The New Normal In Style

I have been trapped in my home area since March.

Was just mostly at home for 5 straight months. I only go out to get the essentials from the grocery store and the pharmacy that are just a walking distance from my place. Could only go out a day in a week, and go straight home because I cannot stay too long outside. I was only able to visit the bank once and the next thing I know, the borders are already closed and I was not allowed to cross them. Quarantine felt like prison to me.

Then, finally, here comes August!

And the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month is about to start. A period that is believed to be bad luck for anything that is initiated within it. But everything just started opening up now, and for sure there will be many beginnings that will soon happen. As you can see, life must go on. And we all have to rise from the ashes of a stale and agonizing 4-5 months. So getting a free cup of hot coffee with the pack of ground beans that I’ve purchased, is one of the best things that I have received since I’ve been out. I hope that this is a sign of a good start for me.

To be quite honest, the outside world is not very enjoyable now.

Aside from the fact that you have to be very careful and mindful in every way that you move, it’s not as lively as it used to be anymore. Establishments close early and curfew is at 8:00 o’clock. I did not enjoy wearing my first face shield neither is a surgical mask comfortable on the face. And I felt stupid. Really, I did. And so, when I was at the mall after taking care of my tax papers, I’ve found this really stylish face shield! And I really love this second one! So, I’ve decided to just embrace the new normal in style. As well as enjoy being finally able to go out, with all the health protocols in place.

Another thing that is not enjoyable, is paying penalties for tax papers that were not filed within the months that I was trapped in my area. But instead of feeling bad about it, I was instead grateful in finally being able to file my papers and afford everything that has to be paid up. I was able to keep my job the whole time, working at home, and that is a blessing by itself. Now, we are back outside on a skeletal workforce set-up and that means being able to go out of the house every other day. Truly lovin’ how lush the greens have become lately, I’d like to add.

The world looks slow now, but definitely not hopeless.

How many economic depressions has the Earth survived? So many! Yes, we always manage to rise up! I want to become a part of that development. To create and build a better world from here on out. I have been at rock bottom 3 times in my life. And no one knew when I was going through them, my pride just won’t let me. In a way, this is what credit cards are good for. Emergencies! My card helped me during the pandemic, in getting some necessities online. But nowadays, I rarely use it and choose to pay in cash as much as I can.

My mother is a CoViD survivor, by the way.

We’ve went through a lot. And yes, I’ve paid for some of her needs in cash before and also when rushing her into a hospital. Prayed so hard that I may be able to afford her discharge bills from the private hospital that we chose to admit her into. God is so good, that her case was covered by our Government Health Institution as a senior citizen of the Philippines. And she did not stay very long in the hospital and is now fully recovered at her own home.

This health crisis has taught me well about financial management.

It’s never too late to start making things right, because A Better World Starts With A Better Self. You just have to decide to do so. Yes, I have cash reserves now. I think more about investments, business, savings, before thinking about my material wants. And I try to get more savings from my needs by picking stuff on sale or on discount and those that come with free stuff. Remember this, the wealthy started with the values of thrift.

I have finally found a plain black cloth mask that I liked as well.

It’s breathable and light with a filter hole provision. Not exactly what I wanted, because I wanted the wrap-around type, but this will do for now. Tell me if you know where to get a plain black wrap-around mask on the comments section below, please. And finally, I don’t feel stupid with these on. I feel quite stylish.

Embracing the new normal in style is not just about fashion, it’s about having the right attitude towards what has happened and what is happening around us. Always have a mindset of building your future today, while learning the important value lessons of yesterday. A new normal should be a happier, wiser, and healthier you!

The New Normal

In Style
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31 thoughts on “Embracing The New Normal In Style

    • well looking really nice in this..Though glad you shared your experience with us..this sounds quite interesting and useful one for others too..great work though..

    • WE all had experiences during this time and I’m glad you had shared your point of view. I really love how positive you are!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. This time definitely has been a challenge for everyone to say the least. I’m so happy to hear that your mom has recovered. God bless! πŸ™
      P.S. I actually have very similar black cloth mask, that I got from Etsy. I love it. 😎

    • Great article, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences. The world is so much different nowadays. I feel sorry for the little kids who cannot play outdoors. For school age children who miss their friends. I feel anxious everytime I go out to shop for food and other essential needs. We can only hope to go back to the way things were, but for now, I guess we will just have to embrace the new normal and stay safe and healthy.

      • Yes, it’s also no use denying it or allow it to bring us down. We just have to adjust for the meantime. And I believe we all appreciate a lot of things that we take for granted in the past more now. πŸ–€

    • WOW, this year certainly has been tough on you! Sounds like where you’re living has had some similar rules to Victoria, Australia, which is where I’m from. Right now we have an 8pm curfew, and we can only leave to go groceries, get medical supplies, go to bank as well. Since I can’t drive, I have to walk everywhere. Shopping for groceries was actually one of my favourite things to do – as silly as that sounds – but only one person per house can go, so my partner now calls me while he’s there so I can feel like I’m still there. The only time I can leave the house is when I need to get medication; it is quite depression. My best friends mum AND dad both got COVID, but their symptoms were very mild thankfully. They didn’t need to go to hospital at all, which is good as his dad wasn’t in the best of health. I’m very glad to hear your mother didn’t need to be in hospital for too long! I truly hope the rest of the year isn’t too tough on you or your family; it sounds like you have been strong enough for a lifetime. I really admire you!

      • Thank you for the kind words! πŸ–€ Yes, very similar that only one person per household can go out. My problem is that I live alone! Hehe. I have to do everything by myself, and yes, on foot! Keep safe out there! And though things may be bleak right now, do your best to still think and do things that are more productive and positive. Let’s pray that this will be over sooner than later.

    • Thanks for your experience. Stay safe and healthy

    • Stay safe! I’ve recently gone back to work after being furloughed during the height of COVID and we’re all wearing face shields/masks. But it’s still not compulsory here, just advised.

    • Great styles! I am getting used to it more than I would want to actually.

    • I love your outlook on this experience. I’m trying to embrace it, too!

    • This period taught me so many things too. And you are right! The world may look slow but not hopeless.

    • Awww. I am glad that your mom has survived the covid. We should all be very very careful. It may be so hard but it will all be for our safety.

    • The world really changed since the pandemic. It saddens me to know that there are actually people who finds themselves stuck in difficult situations aside from this pandemic. Your mom surviving the COVID-19 is really something to be happy about. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • I’m glad your mum has recovered, thank God. Yeah. Quarantine has been crazy and I go out once a week too with mask and avoid crowds. I pray a cure/vaccine is found soon.

    • It’s true. When you go out now, it’s not like before. Now, you’re just more paranoid about people going near you or getting the virus. Glad your Mom got better. – Kathy Ngo

    • Glad to know that your mom has recovered from COVID. Times are not easy but just hold on. Personally, I haven’t left the house since January but it’s okay. πŸ™‚

    • It’s so important to see the positive right now when there is so much to be scared of. Hope your mom is still doing okay. Sending love!

    • I can relate to it so much. The anxiety, not feeling comfortable outside . But yes, this period taught us a lot .

    • This is actually new normal and I am so glad you have shared this experience and the thought !!

    • Yes, the new normal for most of us! I’m glad your mom is doing well! I miss Cebu! Damn pandemic!

    • Yes our lifestyle has to change now and I sometimes do get depressed. But then I think we have to go on atleast for the kids. I feel sorry for my son who cannot play outside. Happy to know about your mom.

    • I can relate to your experience! Stay strong and be more optimistic!

    • This is new outlook of CA and actually it is a safety measure but it is now the part of fashion too.

    • I can relate to your experience, the only difference is that we can go out more here in Australia, and we are not required to wear face shield, only face mask. This year seems we are in months of hungry ghost and halloween. So I vowed that I will make our Xmas this year as merrier as we can and install full xmas decorations and lights, to give joy to my community.

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