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Energy Transmutation

I have learned to transmute my stresses to a more productive activity. And have learned to transmute my worries into actions of solutions instead. I have learned to transmute my anger into loving what and who I currently have in my life. Yes, that includes Sachi. Also learned to transmute my negative thoughts and feelings into having a clear head and a peaceful heart with every prayer that they cause.

A Valentine Weekend In Vietnam

The number 1 reason, for me, to go back to Vietnam will always be their really good coffee!

The Universe Conspires Around The Law Of Attraction

I always end up listening to the Universe’ gentle nudges and, if that’s not enough, its strong shoves. I can get lazy. And I can get melancholic. But when I’m in high spirits, the world spins and dances right in front of me. And then, so would I.

Crazy Not-Yet-Rich Asian In Singapore

Have you already read the book by Mr. Kevin Kwan called Crazy Rich Asians? If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you do so. No, this ain’t a book review. But my trip to Singapore, on the year 2016, made me enjoy the books more, as the setting of the first book of that Trilogy was mostly in this exciting country!

It’s Better Leyte Than Never To Visit Cuatro Islas

Here is another Enhanced Community Quarantine entry! I’ve just missed Summer 2020 and so, I’ve decided to have a look back on my notable travels around the Philippine waters. Today, let me take you to the beautiful islands that are surrounding The Municipality of Leyte!

There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us

7. Be positive yet negative of CoVid-19.

Why do we have to stay positive even if we are undergoing something as desperate as the effects of the Corona Virus in all aspects of our life today? Because only a positive heart will learn how to fight. Only a positive heart will have the motivation to move forward. Only a positive heart will discipline you to #StayHome so that we may all be able to overcome this crisis sooner than later. Yes, keep your heart hopeful and your mind educated. Be a part of the solution in whatever way that you can contribute to the world. Just don’t harbor negative feelings and thoughts for too long. We can get through this.

Marching Around Makati, Cavite, and Tagaytay Before The Community Quarantine

This post is not meant to encourage you to get out of your house and go on a trip or to a bar. These places are temporarily closed or the roads going to them are closed off anyway for now. I’ve decided to finally write and publish this, in spite of the current lockdown situation, to encourage everyone to cooperate and to discipline ourselves to adhere to the community quarantine guidelines as of the moment. I’m showcasing this weekend getaway, for everyone to look forward to getting our normal lives back after CoViD-19 subsides. We are all in this together, and we will get through this as one. For now, #StayHome #StaySafe because #TheresARainbowAlwaysAfterTheRain
We’ll all have a big gathering again someday.

Some Go Through Weddings While Some Go Through Weeding

Let us not diminish a good woman’s worth by the only options that she had to choose from. Some women decided to settle and they are left with everything that comes with their choice. Marriage is a commitment, and not just a fantasy to be fulfilled. Marriage is something to be taken seriously. So much thought must be put into it before anything else.

Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

The title of this write-up may not make sense to everyone. This is not for those who only loved one person in their entire life. Nor for those who got married to their first boyfriend/girlfriend. This is not even for those who have not loved anyone at all. This will only make sense for those people who have stayed single in spite of their dating history. Those who can’t seem to land what they call a “forever”.

How Much Awareness Does It Take To Have A Zero-Waste Store In Cebu, Philippines

Why Amgu? Because the advocacy of the owners is to spread awareness on the worsening waste situation that the world has arrived at.

Some New Eats and Sips Around Cebu for My Week-long Birthday

They have a lot of drink offerings but we went for a bottle of red wine which perfectly capped our night off. And it is the best end to My Birthday week.

Experience A Whole New World In Uphill Cebu

Tourists flock the different locations of an Uphill Cebu Tour, while I’ve never been. As a Cebuana, I’ve decided to go for the experience first-hand.

Saying Hello to the New Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City called Yello!

Say Hello to Yello! The newest Smart and Design Hotel in Cebu City. The architecture is notable and the structure has a lot of details to marvel at.

The Abundance of Career Opportunities in Makati City

Makati City is not really new to me anymore. I have had 4 jobs that has brought me here for trainings, meetings, and yes for company parties.

A Short But Sweet Stay In The City Of Iloilo

There’s so much to go back for. And I am looking forward to more Iloilo finds later on. How about you? What’s your fave Iloilo discovery?

A Good Cup of Brew in One Hand and A Good Book in the Other

Why am writing about brews and books now? It’s because I appreciate learning lately. My brain is lazy ever since I was young.

Looking Forward To Every Days

So, if we just practice patience and understanding for our present predicament, what we need or want will just come sooner or later.

My Journey Towards Healthy Living

My journey started with superficial reasons, which was to start looking good again. But as time passed by, I started appreciating the fact that I did not feel heavy anymore and that my energy was somehow back to how it was.

The Giving Journal ~ CBTL

However, I took the shift one day and decided to go for the The Giving Journal from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For one thing, they only require a minimal quantity of drinks plus I like the intention behind every book.