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Crazy Not-Yet-Rich Asian In Singapore

Crazy Not-Yet-Rich Asian In Singapore

Have you already read the book by Mr. Kevin Kwan called Crazy Rich Asians? If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you do so. No, this ain’t a book review. But my trip to Singapore, on the year 2016, made me enjoy the books more, as the setting of the first book of that Trilogy was mostly in this exciting country! Book 2 is called China Rich Girlfriend and the last one is named Rich People Problems.

On my way to the airport…

It was a rainy night when I travelled to SG. Got there late, so we had to sleep that night off. We had so many plans on the next days ahead. So, recharging our energies was a must.

One Of The Best Transport Systems

Let me start by saying that SG has one of the best transport systems in Asia. So, going around will not be an issue. You just need a map on your phone, and in my case a companion who has already been around the country.

Singapore Zoo

River Safari

First up, was the Singapore Zoo where the River Safari is at. Unfortunately, the boat-ride was not available at that time. And I already forgot why.


It’s a Wildlife Conservation Park, and so it does have a really huge aquarium where you can view from underground.

Singapore Zoo

I loved taking photos with the panda statues because I look like them! I was chubby during that time and my black and white ensemble makes me look like their baby panda. And yes, they have real live pandas that you can watch and take photos of.

Marina Bay Sands Area

We ended our first night at the Marina Bay Sands area. They have a Water Show by the bay. I don’t have photos of it anymore. But it was amazing and fun to watch with everyone around.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

We’ve decided to spend the next day at Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s a huge amusement-park like area. There are so many areas to go to. And yes, you have to walk a lot. Some areas are uphill and yes, you’ll get tired. But the pathways are so beautiful that you will enjoy walking nonetheless.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Yes, you have to take a break and take a seat whenever you see a bench around. Or when you find something that will serve the purpose.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

They have a lot of enchanting towering trees! Which I love the most. Warning, it’s quite humid so you’ll get thirsty. And in this case, I chose to have a popsicle! Bottled water and ice cream are not cheap in SG. Nothing is cheap there, really.

Singapore Botanic Gardens – Bukit Timah Gate

No, this is not our entrance. This is our exit gate. SBG has 4 gates as its entrance/exit. It is that big! If I still remember correctly, we got in at Tyersall Gate.

Haji Lane

After lunch, we went straight to Haji Lane! To have a go at Selfie Coffee! So they took our photo and printed it on top of the foam of our coffee serving. Yes, that’s edible! It is such a colorful commercial strip where food trips and shopping happen.

Arab Street

More walking means passing through Arab Street! SG may be a small city or country, but it has diversified cultures around it.

From the soccer field view…

We had to go around the soccer field, looking for an ice-cream sandwich vendor but we, unfortunately, found none. So the photo ops instead.

Singapore Landmarks

And more photo ops at the famous landmarks of Singapore ended our night.

Orchard Road and Clarke Quay

On the third day, we strolled along the Orchard Road where expensive stuff of all brands abound, and Clarke Quay. In short, we went malling. Not necessarily shopping, okay?

Gardens By The Bay

And some more gardens! Singapore is a beautiful, clean and green city! They have a lot of gardens everywhere plus of course the famous Gardens By The Bay. These Supertrees have entertaining light shows at night, but we were already too tired to wait for it.

Universal Studios Singapore

Next and final on the list, but never the least, is Universal Studios Singapore! The kid in me went giddyap!


I’ve enjoyed all of the structures in USS.

And my favorite rides were:

1. Revenge Of The Mummy

2. Transformers The Ride 3D

3. Puss In Boots Giant Journey

4. Human Battle Star Galactica

Around USS

I wonder why the Iced Milo in Singapore is super good compared to the ones that we have in the Philippines. They say, Malaysia has better tasting Milo than us. And Malaysia mostly exports to SG. So maybe, I’ve answered my own question.

I still want to go back for the Cyclon Battle Star Galactica because we already ran out of time then. The queues were very long! Just like my Decade-Old Trip to Hong Kong where I’ve missed most of the rides in Disneyland because we woke up late and did not have enough time to fall in line.

Holland Village

And our last stop for the night, was at Holland Village. It’s a commercial strip of food and booze places. We’ve decided to try Thai Express! Forgive me if I am short of food photos. I cannot cram everything in this post. But I guarantee you, my food trips were all worth-it in Singapore.

Madagascar in USS and Rasapura Masters in Marina Bay Sands

The only photos that I can add before I go.

Singapore Changi Airport

I should never ever forget to add that they have one of the best airports in the world! ‘Til next time SG!

How about you? How crazy did you get in Singapore?

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