• Cebu, Philippines
Composition Ardor
Cool Pine Trees

Cool Pine Trees

I am taking this long winding road

I see pine trees

I see white

I’m trying to figure out how winter feels like

I see cream, red, and beige

I miss the birds chirping

Donning a ski cap

With a hot steaming cup of coffee in my hands

The white capped mountains are gorgeous

Love the smoke from the chimneys, too

I can feel the heat building up

I can feel your warmth

Now, I can’t see anything more beyond this

You are my dead end

You are my destination

Let’s make new memories together

I don’t want to figure things out any longer

I’ve stopped overthinking

Just take my hand

I will take that journey with you

Let this be the ending of frustrations

Let this be the beginning of truth

I wanna feel alive again

And I am only alive when I am with you

Your eyes are like a mirror

Your smile brings a smile to my lips

My soul is glad that…

These fingers are intertwined with yours

~ Christy Angeli Wilhoit ~

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