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Chinese Takeout Box

Chinese Takeout Box

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always envied the Chinese takeout meals that I see on American shows. And yes, I am talking about noodles in a paper box with chopsticks. I’ve always wondered how they taste like. Americans seem to love them. They seem to enjoy their Chinese takeouts very much!

And yes, I am Filipino and we have our own version of noodles. I cannot consider myself a noodle person even though one of my favorites growing up was the instant mami that we have over here. As I got older, I started liking glass noodles, and they have to become my sandwich filling. I know, with bread, it becomes carbs on carbs. But we do eat bread with pasta, don’t we? I used to make spaghetti sandwiches, too! Haha!

One of the things that I learned to love was Lucky Me instant pancit canton. Most especially when they started having the spicy versions. Then came the instant Korean Ramen. Love the kick that comes with every bowl!

Did I say that I don’t consider myself as a noodle person? Yes, I am not. I would always prefer rice meals over noodles any day. But, I do have my noodle-cravings every now and then. Such as this day!

The thing is, I have always struggled to look for a restaurant or fast-food that has noodles that I liked. I almost always regretted my past noodle orders. And then I came across Uncle Chow Fried Noodles on Food Panda. They have their regular serving at buy-1-take-1 for only 99 pesos! That’s just around 2 US dollars.

And I thank the high heavens for Uncle Chow! The best fried noodles that I have had so far, that came with the best price there ever is. By the way, got my 2 boxes with free delivery. It’s a promo! They are new on Food Panda, as far as my delivery history is concerned. I also love their packaging and their plating (in a box). And the wooden chopsticks took me to all the American shows that I used to see Chinese takeout meals on. I enjoyed these, very much!

I guess, in life, some of the things that we are looking for will come at their own time. Just keep exploring!

So after mixing the noodles with the scallions, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, and its special seasoning, I have topped it on my sliced bread, folded it up, and devoured the most heavenly noodle-sandwich to date. Also, I feel like this is way healthier than all the instant noodles that I used to consume. I only have them sparingly nowadays due to health reasons.

I was surprised that this did not leave a greasy feel or taste in my mouth! Just perfectly done, for me.

The Chinese may cringe on my noodle-sandwich, but hey, this is my Filipino style! It’s like having two cultures in my mouth! I may enjoy all of the various cuisines of the world, but I will always have my Filipino taste buds. No disrespect on noodles. Mad props to the inventor of noodles! And most especially the inventor of the paper food-grade box! Mother Earth must be smiling at me for choosing a healthier and environment-friendly meal for the day.

Thanks, Uncle Chow! I think Uncle Roger will approve of your noodles, too!

So, how about you? What’s your favorite Chinese takeout meal?

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