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Children Need Discipline, Adults Need Self-Discipline

Children Need Discipline, Adults Need Self-Discipline

I have to admit that the hardest part about healing yourself, is the part of changing yourself for the better. You can’t decide to go through healing and remain the same rotten person that you once were. Growing up as a fighter, it is very difficult for me to restrain myself from saying something that I will regret later on. Self-Discipline does not come naturally.

To retaliate is easy, to keep silent is very hard.

But I have to go through the process, so that I will reach my end goal. My priority is to become a person of value and not to do things that will make me end up being undervalued.

Most of us think that being hard and difficult, makes us strong. We may seem that way at the moment, but that is not what people will think of you long-term. To always exert effort to appear strong and powerful, is not about convincing other people that you are. It is your way of convincing yourself that you are. Just like bullies.

But then, if you will look closely into their lives, they are just repeating a cycle that they were once a victim of. Stop the vicious cycle. It does not make you or any one around you a better person. It does not make you look or sound beautiful or graceful either. So, what’s the point?

Breathe It All In, Love It All Out

Why do some people see the need to belittle others? Because it is the only way that they can feel that they are above the rest. It is one way of feeling better about one’s self.

When we were young, we needed parenting.

We needed adults to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Because they have already learned from experience supposedly. But when we become adults ourselves, we cannot expect our aging parents to keep reminding us of that. We need to discipline ourselves. You have to decide for yourself to practice Self-discipline. No one else will or can do that for you. Maturity, anyone?

Some of us may make the excuse that nobody really did that for us in the past. We were not loved enough. Or that we were not given enough attention. If you start recognizing these, feel the pain if needed. Then decide to move on. This is the beauty about healing. It’s about the realizations and the reactions that you decide to make moving forward. The better choices. As they say, “Be the bigger person”.

We teach people through our words and actions. We are influencers in every circle that we are in. What do we teach other people every day? Are we practicing self-discipline? Respect yourself enough, so that you can also respect others.

In the end, the only question that will be left when we leave this Earth is… Are you proud of the whole person that you have become? Not just a part of you, but the whole of you. What will people remember you for? Or are you just one of the bad memories that they’d rather forget.

And with that, I will say no more.

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