Celestial Soul

Watching the stars

They glimmer and shine like your eyes do

I watch from afar

Since things aren’t what they were used to

It’s another long night of longing

Of wishing that you’d fall down from the sky

And choose to land where I am waiting

Here on this bed of sands and lie

Can I just whisper on your ear

One last time to finally tell you everything

I’m not sure if you’d still like to hear

“I’ve loved you, but felt undeserving”

Was very lost and had to find myself

Wasn’t capable of committing into anything

I’ve lost what I was sure that I wanted when you left

Found myself now, just not the right timing

~ Christy Angeli Wilhoit ~

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50 thoughts on “Celestial Soul

  1. Was this a case of failed relationship? Well, it is nice that you finally realized that he is not deserving of your love. Praying that you will find the right love for you. Keep praying.

      1. …express myself so beautifully and poetically as you do! It’s not coming easy to everybody, i am sure you know that… lots of love

  2. I am good in story writing. I love reading poetry as I understand them but writing them isn’t my cup of tea. You have beautifully written it!

  3. Thanks for sharing this poem. It is good read, very moving and I can somehow relate. My ex lost me, because I was tired of waiting for him to get his act straightened out. Moving on after a relationship ends is not always easy, especially if you’ve given him your best and was never appreciated. I wish you well, and hope you find happiness soon.

    1. Sadly, some of us are not ready even when the other person is. Then we lose the one we love. And finding another is close to impossible.

  4. Love the poem and how you can put all your feelings and emoticons into a few lines and sum it up so beautifully!

  5. What a gorgeous poem. I’m glad you feel more deserving of love right now. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to love and be loved 🙂

    Louise x

  6. This piece is great! It’s actually what I’ve been going through in life right now. (as if it were written from the other). I can relate, well written!

  7. Tastefully done. Simplicity sometimes makes a point. I love looking at the sky and looking at the stars. They are so beautiful. Gives me an appreciation for life!!!🤗

  8. Always good to know yourself before falling into anything or anyone else you’ll be lost if they decide to leave.

    1. Oh! That is such a nice compliment! I used to write a few songs. I’m not sure if I can turn this into one. Thanks for the idea! 🖤

  9. It’s a beautiful poem and speaks to some of the emotions so many might be going through during this pandemic. Wishing you joy in August.

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