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Energy Transmutation

I have learned to transmute my stresses to a more productive activity. And have learned to transmute my worries into actions of solutions instead. I have learned to transmute my anger into loving what and who I currently have in my life. Yes, that includes Sachi. Also learned to transmute my negative thoughts and feelings into having a clear head and a peaceful heart with every prayer that they cause.

Making That Leap Of Faith Now

Hey there! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, I’ve been giving more attention to other things other than my blog. Life happens you know, and I just have to set my priorities right for the time being. As we all know, the pandemic has affected all of us in many ways. And we all have different […]

There’s A Fighting Injured Soldier Inside Us

7. Be positive yet negative of CoVid-19.

Why do we have to stay positive even if we are undergoing something as desperate as the effects of the Corona Virus in all aspects of our life today? Because only a positive heart will learn how to fight. Only a positive heart will have the motivation to move forward. Only a positive heart will discipline you to #StayHome so that we may all be able to overcome this crisis sooner than later. Yes, keep your heart hopeful and your mind educated. Be a part of the solution in whatever way that you can contribute to the world. Just don’t harbor negative feelings and thoughts for too long. We can get through this.

Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

The title of this write-up may not make sense to everyone. This is not for those who only loved one person in their entire life. Nor for those who got married to their first boyfriend/girlfriend. This is not even for those who have not loved anyone at all. This will only make sense for those people who have stayed single in spite of their dating history. Those who can’t seem to land what they call a “forever”.