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Ballpoint Pen Art

Ballpoint Pen Art

I now remember why I cannot get bored, I will always look for something to do.

I get restless.

And getting stuck at home all the time is not helping at all. I really don’t feel comfortable about the idea of getting out of the house for now. I’ve tried twice, but I end up wanting to go home right away. Such a waste of time, energy, and money.

One day I caught myself with a pen in my hand.

Found a note pad, and started illustrating thoughts in my head. Now you may ask, why use a pen to draw? Because I don’t have a pencil here at home.

After watching Immortals

Ballpoint pen art is quite challenging.

You end up making sure that you don’t make mistakes. And if you do, you would have to find ways to turn it around or cover it up. There are no erasures here. I have no way of erasing ink. It makes you feel restricted.

Inspired by one of my photo backgrounds.

And so I started practicing images which I thought were pretty simple to do. Though I did not get exactly what I had in mind (simple huh), but somehow close.

My idea of finding peace.

I am on my healing process, so I guess, you can say that this is part of my therapy. I’ve opted for a more peaceful life. I should have done this earlier on. Come to think of it, I was an introvert and a home buddy. Having a lot of friends in my younger years has pushed me to be the opposite. Without anyone telling me to go out and about, I would have most likely just stayed at home.

I tried to draw myself. But never mind.

And then I finally thought of doing a portrait.

And yes, I did a portrait of myself. A narcissistic move? No. Haha! I was thinking that if it does not end well, at least, it’s just my face. I would not be offending anyone. But, I guess, I did a good enough job here.

Tried writing Japanese characters.

I even tried writing Japanese characters. How bored am I getting now? Haha!

Without my addiction to Facebook, I feel like I am exploring more things. I’m studying more topics, including but not limited to Human Resource functions and practices. And learning more productive skills. I like this path of Learning and Development better. And so, I will continue practicing ballpoint pen art. Hoping that I can present better artworks sooner or later. As they say, practice makes perfect.

I wonder what my next skill-sets exploration will be. Can you make a guess?

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