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Amazing Cebu Chinese Cuisine

Amazing Cebu Chinese Cuisine

It’s amazing how life can throw surprises your way. To create attention to our passion and capabilities can sometimes be daunting but can also become rewarding sooner or later. This has led me to have a very pleasant dinner meeting last night. I felt like a princess as I was provided a chauffeur, ehem, in the person of Sir Greggy.

I work in Cebu Business Park, which means that after office hours can be a challenge traffic-wise. We were on our way to Minnan Chinese Cuisine in Mango Ave., Cebu City. It was the very first time that I’ve heard about the place. You know those simple looking Chinese Restaurants that serve authentic Chinese food? Yes, this is one of them. Their patrons were mostly Chinese nationals and some Western tourists.

Minnan Chinese Cuisine

I really did not know what to order, so I’ve asked Mr. Oniel Natividad and his wife to pick the courses. And since they still insisted that I add another choice, the best thing that I could do was ask for their best sellers. So, I picked the Tendon Hot Pot among the dishes that the waiter mentioned.

They also actually serve fresh seafoods since they have aquariums in front. I believe that they serve lobsters. But we didn’t have one last night though.

Today, I would like to tell you guys about Amazing Cebu Travel and Tours. Meet the guy behind everything. This is Mr. Oniel Natividad.

They started off as a Transport Service Company. Eventually since they dealt with a lot of tourists through the years, and their clients would ask them if they can provide this and that, so Amazing Cebu Travel and Tours was born. Their business keep expanding and they would want to give their clientele the best experience and provide them with ease and comfort. They now have become a one-stop-shop for travelers and tourists. From tour packages in Cebu to the rest of the Philippines and now they have also touched the international scene.

Today, I am officially working with them.

For bookings and inquiries please contact:
+63945 2117726
+63939 8198872
+6332 2612271

You might want to click on the thumbs up sign on their Facebook Page:

Amazing Cebu Travel And Tours

Update: You may also visit their website and book your travel and tours at Amazing Cebu

So where’s your next travel plan?

Meet Amazing Cebu Travel and Tours
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