A Valentine Weekend In Vietnam

A Valentine Weekend In Vietnam

One of the things that I look forward to on International Flights are the meals that are served. I don’t know if they still serve the same up to this time, since this was a trip that I have had to Vietnam last February 2018. I’ve noticed that Philippine Airlines has downgraded their free snack offerings on domestic flights since last year.

Touch down!

Ho Chi Minh a.k.a Saigon! So, the obligatory shot at Tan Son Nhat Airport.

The very thing that I’ve noticed, along the way to our hotel, is how slim the buildings are in the city. Like they are saving on lot space and just expanding it vertically for more rooms.

Tourist Spots

We were on a tour bus and, of course, was brought to the tourist spots in the city. Above is the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, the Central Post Office, and the Saigon Opera House.

These are shots taken inside the Independence Palace a.k.a Reunification Palace, but when I was there it was often referred to as the Presidential Palace.

The other places that we went to that I did not bother taking photos of are:

  1. The Emperor Pagoda (I did not get off the bus for this one because it was too hot and humid then.)
  2. The Ben Thanh Market (It was too crowded for me to take my phone out.)

Spring Flowers Festival

Our visit to Vietnam was very timely as it was a time to celebrate the Chinese New Year and also when they had the Spring Flowers Festival. The venue was just a walking distance from our hotel, too! The only thing that I don’t like in HCM City is the struggle of being a pedestrian. I felt like I will get hit by a car or a motorbike at any given time. I don’t feel safe crossing their streets.


There was nothing in Ho Chi Minh City that I did not like, food-wise. On our first day, we had a lunch buffet at Lion Restaurant and a series of breakfast buffets at are our hotel the days after. I love the green mangoes, with 2 types of spicy dip (dry and wet) that it goes with, the most.

New World Saigon Hotel.

We were staying at the New World Saigon Hotel. Loved their buffets and their staircase! Haha! Take note that they have already done some renovations last year and now have a newer and more modern look.

We had a Saigon River Cruise via the Indochina Queen.

The dinner buffet was amazing! And we enjoyed the Saigon Lager! I actually already miss it. There was a Traditional Instrument Performance and also 2 dances that entertained us during the cruise.

Vietnamese Coffee

After dinner, I craved for… what else? Vietnamese Coffee! I know I want my coffee black and strong, but I couldn’t help trying out this Egg Coffee at Mr. 8 Cofee a.k.a 8 Cafe Vietnam. It was so good! The number 1 reason, for me, to go back to Vietnam will always be their really good coffee!

And like always, we had to fly back home. Bummer!

I had to do a stop in Manila then, as a connecting flight to Cebu. And I was so glad that I had My Love Aimer Jane Dy, who gave me in-flight treats, in the cabin crew on that Cebu Pacific flight. Which made my 2-hour delayed flight all worth it! It was a Happy Valentine’s Weekend indeed.

How about you? What’s your favorite Vietnam Experience?

Ho Chi Minh

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29 thoughts on “A Valentine Weekend In Vietnam

  1. It looks like you had a great time and this is amazing. You have enjoyed the weekend and the place in a place I’d like to visit. Good pics, thanks for sharing. – Paolo

  2. This trip seems to be very enjoyable and sounds amazing…the places and views looks stunning and lovely..Glad you shared your experience with us..Thanks indeed..Great photography…

  3. Looks like a great vacation! Haven’t visited Vietnam yet, but a few of my friends have already been there and they fell in love with the country. Hopefully, when I can join them the next time they plan a trip there. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  4. Your trip looks so exciting. I bet it was jam-packed! Did all this happened before the pandemic? You are blessed! Maybe traveling won’t be the same for quite sometime

  5. Vietnam is absoltely beautiful. I never stayed in this place but the hotel looks lovely. Perfect to be with group and you truly had fun!

  6. Looks dreamy. The place looks lovely and the food delicious. I totally miss the possibility of weekend getaways now

  7. Love the pictures and the buildings are really slender. I have never been to Vietnam but I have a lot of travel planned once all goes back to normal.

  8. You’ve had a great time in Vietnam – can tell that from the pictures! Never heard of ‘egg Cafe’, will need to find out whether it’s available in the US..I so want to taste it!

  9. Glad you had an amazing vacation in Vietnam! Those foods are so good. Flying with CebPac is also nice even when we flew to Bangkok.

  10. It really seems to have been a pleasant and lovely weekend of spending time together and enjoying such a beautiful place!

  11. Looks like such a fun trip. I’ve heard from many people about other international flights that food certainly has changed. I remember when I was younger and we’d fly to Europe. It seemed the food was amazing! And so much of it. Not anymore!

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