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Vaccination To Rebuild A Nation

And with this I pray that we can all move forward to better tomorrows from here on out. Let’s go to our nearest site of vaccination to somehow help rebuild our nation. Praying for herd immunity soon, in spite of all the virus mutations. Let’s never cease praying, while doing our part of the solutions.

Learn To Earn

But then again, an increase in income will never be able to cover for bad money handling skills or the lack of skills for that matter. So, it is very important for a person to learn wise financial management.

Crazy Not-Yet-Rich Asian In Singapore

Have you already read the book by Mr. Kevin Kwan called Crazy Rich Asians? If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you do so. No, this ain’t a book review. But my trip to Singapore, on the year 2016, made me enjoy the books more, as the setting of the first book of that Trilogy was mostly in this exciting country!

Meeting The Love Of My Life Not Just Once But Four Times

The title of this write-up may not make sense to everyone. This is not for those who only loved one person in their entire life. Nor for those who got married to their first boyfriend/girlfriend. This is not even for those who have not loved anyone at all. This will only make sense for those people who have stayed single in spite of their dating history. Those who can’t seem to land what they call a “forever”.